Swannie’s Shop – we learn more about this start up biz

Making gorgeous cake stands, soy wax teacup candles and jewellery from old, mainly vintage, china. Available at Marlay Market (Sat) or by post
Swannie’s Shop sources old (mainly vintage) china and upcycles it into gorgeous cake stands, soy wax teacup candles and bespoke jewellery. Each piece of china showcases a beautiful design that harks back to an age gone by or is reminiscent of the plates and cups on the tables of our mothers and grandmothers.
The cake stands range from single-tiered handled serving plates to two or three-tiered stands created from either matching plates, saucers, jugs and cups or mismatched items with a complimentary design. They are the perfect
centrepiece to any table or display and draw the eye even more when piled high with cakes, chocolates, fudge, scones…or anything else that can be shared with friends.
The candles are focused on a teacup and saucer design and are hand poured with soy wax. The candles burn slowly and cleanly and give a beautiful glow through the teacup. Each large teacup candle burns for a minimum of 35 hours and the smaller espresso cup candles burn for at least 20 hours. After the candle has burned away, you can wash out the cup with warm water and it’s perfect for your next cup of afternoon tea!
In addition to any of the products that are on this page, bespoke cake stands and candles are also available to order. If you see something that you like but would prefer it in a different design/with a different handle, please let Julie know and she will do her best to create one to your specifications.
More recently, Julie has started to make bespoke jewellery pieces from broken china. The jewellery pieces are only made from plates, cups, saucers etc. that already have chips or cracks in them and are no longer being used for their original purpose.
Julie also regularly receives requests from customers to create cake stands and candles from their own personal china. This is something that can be easily done, though preferably not with any antique or precious china due to the possibility of breakages! This is popular with customers who have a couple of pieces left over from a set of china and wish to create something new with them or alternatively, those who wish to give their china to other family members but prefer the idea of creating a cake stand/candle with the items first. Just get in touch for additional details regarding this service. It’s an alternative way to use your own china, instead of it gathering dust in the attic!
Email address: julieswan05@yahoo.co.uk
Ph: + 353 (0) 86 844 0795

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