New Member Brenda McCarthy

Brenda McCarthy

Brenda is a Community worker, youth advocate and volunteer. She is currently working with Mna Feasa and Life Pregnancy Care. You can contact Brenda at the following. Breda is currently also doing Diploma in Digital Communications.



The name ‘Mná Feasa’ (in English, “Wise Women”) originates from Irish Mythology.  They were warrior women to whom Fionn Mac Cumhaill was sent as a child by his mother to save him from potential violence or death.

It was set up, primarily by women who have themselves survived domestic violence and it is thus a crucial link in women’s challenges to violence.  Mná Feasa is a community based project set up in 1991, by the Cork Women’s Action Group as a response to calls we received when a local woman was murdered by her husband in their home.

The Group started a two-hour a week helpline staffed by women who had themselves travelled the road of Domestic Violence. The Cork Women’s Action group began programmes of personal development and facilitation work and the project slowly grew to what we see today.

Members of Cork Women’s Action Group manage the project on a voluntary basis with management meetings taking place monthly to oversee and support the project.

Life is a voluntary organisation registered for charitable purposes which works with women with crisis pregnancies and with their families

We believe in the uniqueness and value of every human life and we work from a position of respect and non-judgemental acceptance of women

We understand the distress and lack of support a woman may experience due to an unplanned pregnancy

We provide a free, confidential and professional service of counselling and support for anyone, including fathers, experiencing problems during and after pregnancy.

We hope that by providing ongoing support to clients in a compassionate and non-judgemental relationship, each will find strength to cope with the difficulties they face.

We recognise that people are responsible for their own decisions.

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