Innovative running shorts designed for women – say hello to EVB Sport

Innovative running shorts designed for women with weakened pelvic floor muscles were launched on RTE’s Late Late Show. EVB Sport is a new and innovative addition to the sportswear market. We are an Irish company whose mission is to provide a range of sportswear for women who want to be fit, healthy, active and confident in their chosen sport.
Designed specifically for women, our shorts will provide the compression support uplift to the pelvic floor that you need to push yourself further than you ever thought possible.

Mum of three Yvonne Brady from Drogheda in Co Louth has designed the shorts designed to provide uplift compression in the gusset area, in order to support pelvic floor muscles. The lightweight shorts also provide abdomen support, and have a discreet pouch built in to hold a sanitary pad in place.  One in four women globally are affected by weak pelvic floor muscles, and it is a problem in particular for younger women who want to exercise regularly, but are embarrassed about potential ‘leaks’.


VB Compression Sport Shorts. Have you ever wondered if your body was ever going to get back to the way it was before you had kids?  If so, you’re not alone… In fact, millions of women – many of whom are athletes – find that after giving birth, they simply need more support in places they never did before. And that’s why we developed EVB Sports Shorts for women.  You see, our revolutionary compression shorts are specifically designed to address the changing needs of every “Athlete Mum!”

Girl Running While Wearing EVB Sport Shorts | EVB Sport | Contact Us 353 41 9839379

“I can now go to the gym and can even do lunges and squats and feel so comfortable. And I know that the shorts keep me confident and leak-free. I would recommend them to anyone who has, or does feel, the way I did. They have changed my life.” Eileen, Tipperary

Here’s how…

  • You’ll get the added abdominal and pelvic support you need. Our proprietary triple-layer technology combined with the highest quality fabrics (90% Polyamide & 10%  Elastine) means you’ll feel “pulled up & in” during even the most arduous workouts!
  • You’ll never have to worry about embarrassing light bladder leaks –  or whether your pad will stay in its place –  while exercising.  Our shorts’ pelvic support features mean you can focus on your sport, not on unwanted bladder leaks. And when needed, our shorts’ integrated mesh lining will hold your pad (if you need one) securely in place, and no-one will know you are wearing one !
  • You’ll look – and move – better. Not only are our shorts great-looking but they’re also designed to support your lower back and remove pressure from your pelvic floor muscles (a great thing for us Mums!). This means your movements will flow more easily and you’ll maintain excellent posture.
  • You’ll feel comfortable and dry. All of our shorts are made with moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial treatments. This means you’ll feel fresh, comfortable and clean regardless of how hard you work out.

                      This great product is available to buy ONLINE              at free shipping                                                            Ireland and UK

Woman Exercising With Arm Weights While Wearing EVB Sports Shorts and EVB Tops | EVB Sports




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