Jumpzter set up by some nice mums and we have a good handful of kids between us

About Jumpzter

We started jumpzter because our kids kept asking us ‘What’s there for us to do in London/ Dublin/ Paris?’ and we found it hard to find out. We were also busy emptying a tin of beans into a saucepan at the time so we asked our kids to go off and do some research. But they couldn’t either. There was lots of info on the web – too much – and all written for dull Oldies like us. So we decided to build a website for smart kids – and their smart parents – that spilled the beans (no, not those ones) on places to go, written in a language that we thought kids would enjoy.

It’s packed full of useful and some silly information, penned by professional writers and is all moderated by parents. It’s also a safe place for kids to share their travel experiences and earn points for rating and reviewing places they’ve been, so it’s educational. But not in a boring way. We hand-select the best places for you to go so you don’t have to trawl through trillions of listings online. We have lots of fun checking out places for kids and all our information is impartial and independent. We don’t accept bribes, cakes, vouchers or icecream for favourable coverage. Though you can try. We’ll eat the cake and then say no. We promise not to sell on your information to anyone. We like our privacy too.

And now we can go back to making tea and let the kids do the work.

Who is the jumpzter team?

Oda O’Carroll and Etain O’Carroll are sisters and they are both travel writers. They write for Lonely Planet guidebooks but also for other travel guides and fancy newspapers. Oda’s secret talent is that she can bend her fingers back very far and Etain can change a nappy and play Greensleeves on the tin-whistle at the same time.

Geraline Cole is the Cap’n of the ship, she’s worked for donkey years in Computer Science so knows all the tricks, like turning the computer off and on when it doesn’t work.

The National Digital Research Centre and Enterprise Ireland in Dublin also support us. We try to get them to babysit now and again but they’re usually too busy.

Website http://www.jumpzter.com/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Jumpztercom

Twitter https://twitter.com/heyjumpzter

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