New Member Dream Team Nannies

As any parent will tell you, sleep deprivation is one of the most difficult parts of the new baby experience.

Lack of shut-eye can leave you drowsy during daylight hours, exhausted at the office or too tired to give your older children the extra attention they need when there’s a new brother or sister on the scene. A Douglas mother-of-five is hoping to change all that however, by offering an innovative new nanny service designed to help parents of single and multiple parents get the sleep they crave.

Fiona O’Keeffe opened Dream Team Nannies after spotting a niche in the market for a night-time care service for both single and multiple babies. Fiona had been offering a night nanny service herself for a number of years and decided to launch an agency when she couldn’t meet demand.  Dream Team Nannies allows parents to leave their baby, or babies, in the hands of a newborn expert, and sleep soundly through the night.

“It’s not a babysitting service but rather a night time nanny service. The parents are always in the house and it gives them a chance to get some rest,” explains Fiona.

“If you have twins or triplets and are first time parents, it can be hard work getting two or three children for the price of one! And if you have other children, then often you don’t have enough energy for them due to lack of sleep,” she says.

Fiona adds that the Dream Team Nannies service is also ideal for mothers suffering from postnatal depression who need some friendly, understanding assistance, and for those who may be single or whose partners may be working abroad. “Also, many mothers need to go back to work much earlier now and often they might not have family help. This service gives them a little bit of a dig out,” she says.

Dream Team Nannies works as an introductory agency between the nannies and prospective families, and checks all references beforehand. The agency also ensures that all nannies are garda vetted.

A night nanny works in a client’s home from 10pm until 7am. “However, our nannies are flexible so if you would like different times this can be arranged in advance with your nanny,” adds Fiona




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