New Member Julie Swan

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I source old (mainly vintage) china and upcycle it into cake stands, soy wax teacup candles, bespoke jewellery and lighting fixtures! Each piece of china showcases a beautiful design that harks back to an age gone by or is reminiscent of the plates and cups on the tables of our mothers and grandmothers. The china is normally sourced from charity shops and/or auction rooms and is no longer being used or wanted by its current owner. Upcycling the china allows it to be used again on a regular basis as a cake stand, candle, piece of jewellery or a lighting fixture instead of it gathering dust in the attic.

I also regularly receive requests from customers to create cake stands, candles, jewellery and lighting fixtures from their own personal china. This is a fantastic service to provide to people and the delight when you give them back their upcycled china is something special!

Products are currently available in The Design House (Dawson Street, Dublin 2), Project 51 (South William Street, Dublin 2), Upside Design (Dalkey, Co. Dublin) and in Marlay Market (Rathfarnham-Sat). Also available by post.

Teacup candle! Perfect for lighting at your next dinner party or for a cosy night in! €12.00



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