“Salubria – The Health Game ™ is the first product created and developed by Creative Learning Tools Ltd.

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Welcome to Salubria The Health Game

The NEW question and answer card game that promotes the benefits of  healthy living – in an interactive and fun way.  Salubria is competitive,  it’s very educational, and it could seriously improve your health!

Salubria – The Health Game ™ is the first product created and developed by Creative Learning Tools Ltd. (CLT) – based in County Wicklow, Ireland.  CLT was founded in 2009 by husband and wife team, Pat (PJ) Shankey, and Frances O’ Duffy.


PJ originally qualified in electronic engineering, and he set up the computer maintenance companyComputer Hospital (still trading after 20 years). He also holds a Business Degree.  More recently, in 2005, he qualified as a fitness instructor, after giving up smoking, and losing over 2 stone in weight! Frances holds a Business Degree, and a   marketing qualification, and has worked in marketing, media, and other communications.

Kicking the Smoking Habit

“I had given up trying to ‘give up’ cigarettes, as I had tried and failed so many times” says PJ.  Then, one day, I found myself listening to a motivational tape where the author ‘Anthony Robins’ was describing how making a decision properly had to be agreed in the head before it could be successfully implemented in reality.

So I decided one final time – to give up cigarettes – taking the advice from the tape.  When the urge came to smoke, I would distract myself by running up and down the stairs, or jogging on the spot, until the urge to smoke had passed because I had made a deal with myself to do something good for my health when I got these urges!  So, I became very fit responding to the cravings, and so began my journey to a smoke-free and much healthier lifestyle.

I succeeded in giving up cigarettes, took up regular jogging, joined a gym, and then, in 2005, I became a fitness instructor.  Around that time, I came across a Department of Health report on overweight and obesity and was shocked to learn that two thirds of the Irish population was either overweight or obese.  I was further shocked to learn how overweight often leads to obesity, and how obesity can negatively impact on a person’s long term health and quality of life – and that of family members, who often end up acting as carers.

Having rescued myself from the probability of long-term obesity and associated ill-health, I really wanted to help as many people as possible to live as healthily as possible – and avoid lifestyle diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, and many cancers.  I began examining and researching what information was available to help the average person learn about key influencing factors such as proper nutrition, regular physical activity, and making healthy lifestyle decisions.  Though a lot of good information was out there on these topics, it’s often quite ‘information heavy’, and for some people, the information comes too late.

Making ‘Health and Fun” one

My challenge was to provide relevant, bias-free, easy to understand bite-sized information, in a way that appealed, in particular, to families – targeting 10 year olds onwards (and adults). Research has shown that so often, the health of the family is very influenced by the health knowledge, and behaviour, of the mother.


So I came up with the idea of a health game, and after 3 years working with Frances on market research, play testing, information validation, and many obstacles and challenges, the idea evolved into Salubria, the health educational tool – in the form of a card game.

We have ideas for different versions of it – so watch this space!

We hope you enjoy playing Salubria and that most of all, you learn something that helps you to become healthier, and to kick some bad habit – just as I kicked the cigarettes.

We’d love to hear your stories about how Salubria has helped you, or your family – tell us on our facebook page: facebook.com/salubriathehealthgame


The Cards are in your hands now!

PJ and Frances

Website http://salubriathehealthgame.com

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