Who are Canoodle?


We at Canoodle are many things, we are an online store for Adult Toys and Lingerie. We are Party Organisers (see home page to book your parties), we offer advice on products and have regular Blogs on all sorts of issues.

Denise Burke is our MD and founder, we are based just outside of Wexford Town in Ireland. We are an Irish Company, led by our founder Denise Burke, herself a mother, sister, daughter and wife. We are passionate about our customers and we are here to help, if you buy  some of our products great but our main focus is to see if we can help.

Denise Burke, Founder

We stock a vast array of the leading brands.

Recruitment Postcard back

Interested in becoming a Party Planner on behalf of Canoodle? Check out our website, details are below.

You can find out alot more on

Website https://www.canoodle.ie/

Twitter https://twitter.com/Canoodleireland

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/canoodleireland

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