We help businesses grow by helping with their business plans, developing their business strategy and developing their feasibility studies. Does writing a business plan, strategy or feasibility study seem like a daunting task to you? Whether you need it for a grant application, a loan application or as a roadmap for your business going forward, we can help.


Have you got a plan that is easy to follow and where you can easily measure your results? Do you know what is working and what isn’t? If you want your marketing to get more leads and more sales, then the Kickstart Marketing Package is for you.

Businesses love our Kickstart Marketing Packages because:

  •  It helps them focus on what they need to focus on
  •  They now see the wood from the trees – fresh eyes will see things differently and spot opportunities
  •  It delivers increased sales and will grow your business


Do you have a marketing project that needs to be implemented but you don’t have the in-house resources or skills available to manage it? Let us help with your social media, brochure production, rebranding or a product launch, to name but a few. We can tailor our services entirely to your needs.

Businesses love our Marketing Manager packages because:

  •  We’re flexible – we can help you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis with implementing marketing plans and processes within your business. It totally depends on how much work you have got on or want to achieve.
  •  Knowledge – we can bring great depth and knowledge.
  •  Deliver results – let us help you make it happen

If you are implementing your marketing at the moment, make your budget go further by measuring it – here’s a useful template.


Want to learn how to market your business? You’ve come to the right place. We provide one on one mentoring to start ups and established businesses across Ireland. We also build and deliver customised training programs that will grow your business. These programs can be delivered via workshop, classroom or one on one.

Examples of training programs we have recently delivered include:

  • – Creating your marketing message
  • – Writing a marketing plan in 7 easy steps
  • – Marketing on a budget
  • – Marketing your Service Business


If you’re interested in getting some marketing training or mentoring, give us a call for a quick quote.


Are you hearing a lot about what social media can do for your business but haven’t got around to setting it up yet. Unsure whether it is all hype or can it actually do something for your business? We can help you with one-to-one tailored coaching on any aspect of social media for business.




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