Mexican Heart -we find out more via Marie Ahern Martínez

Mexican Heart

Mexican Heart celebrates our passion about Mexican crafts and culture and as well as all that is Mexican through these beautiful pieces. Mexican Heart  is also our way of giving something back and contributing towards the support of indigenous community businesses in Mexico.

One of the main reasons we developed this business was to help those Mexican artisans that due to the economic situation in Mexico have very few supports or opportunities from government or otherwise. By purchasing their exquisite handcrafted products we are helping them to support their families and enrich their communities as well as building a future for themselves.

In doing this we are also able to share with you, our customers, the richness and the traditions and culture in jewellery craft that Mexico has to offer.

All of the pieces we stock are handmade by worker co-operatives with all the metals and stones used mined locally in central Mexico. Central Mexico is one of the most mineral rich places on earth. Every piece is hand finished and unique and until now these products were not easily available.

ArtisansThe Mexican artisans are the designers and producers of this beautiful jewellery and they are very proud of every piece they make in their tradition as indigenous craftspeople.

The producers are also proud members of the Fair Trade movement. Fair Trade means this community of craftspeople is the primary beneficiary of the transaction; in return, artisans help persons who desire to be part of an authentic social project to make a good living distributing their products. All of this authentic handcrafted jewellery is Ethically Fair Trade certified.

We hope that you through purchasing some of our pieces get to appreciate the beauty and skill of the craftsmanship as well as the support that you are providing to communities who through working together are building better futures for themselves and their children.

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