New Member Mary-Kay Sheehy from Suite 7

Having worked in Aesthetic Medicine (cosmetic industry) in the UK for the past decade I learnt pretty much everything you could want to know on anti-ageing, cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery -the good, the bad and the ugly! I learnt the differences between which lasers are used for what, which treatments are more hype than substance and which ones could actually help make a difference.

I was then asked by women (&men!), how they could address some of their ageing concerns. They wanted to talk to someone independent who knew what their options were so they could then make an informed decision about their treatment choices.
Originally from Dublin after 10 years in the UK I decided I wanted to move home. Seeing a need for a really professional Aesthetic Clinic that was run by an Irish Consultant Plastic Surgeon who was able to offer both Non-surgical and Surgical I set up Suite 7 along with my close friend and Irish Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Mr Colin Morrison.

www . suite7 . ie

http ://twitter . com/Suite7Dublin

http ://www . facebook . com/Suite-7


Advanced Cosmetic Solutions

Lowell House, Herbert Avenue, Dublin 4.

Call Us: 087-3441245


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