Sarah Reynolds | Owner and Professional Organising Consultant of Organised Chaos

Organised Chaos by Sarah Reynolds has been established since 2010. However, as I began to set it up I was working at the same time. Now I have taken the leap and will be doing this full time from January 2014!

Sarah Clean

We aim to help de-clutter homes, home offices and businesses and help re-organise their spaces. We also love to show people the gorgeous storage solutions that are out there & that can really help streamline a disorganised space. For me, organising isn’t about having all the cd’s alphabetised – it’s about making this very fast-paced and busy life a little bit easier.

And through my blog, I hope to show the fun & creativity that organising can bring! It’s not always a boring task to get through! At the moment, we are just operating out of Dublin, but I do hope to expand.

How We Can Help

Toy Room Before

Toy Room Before

Toy Room Before

Toy Room Before

Toy Room After

When we organise either domestic areas or workplaces, there are two ways in which we can help you.

  1. By Needs Assessment only
  2. By Needs Assessment and working with you to attain your de-cluttering goals.


Lasting between 1 and 2 hours, we will provide a consultation in your home, home office or business to consider the area(s) that require organisation.

The assessment will determine what has been causing the clutter and the clients’ goals and expectations for the space.

After the meeting, Organised Chaos will supply a diagnosis of the organisational problem, a plan of attack, potential layout changes for the area and tips on how to improve the efficiency of the space as well as estimated timings and costs of the project; which vary based on the specific project.

ORGANISING YOUR OFFICE:The goal here is to reduce stress, increase productivity, cut through to do lists and files that have built up.

We help you determine specific functions for each room or area of a room, sort through your piles of paper, set up an effective filing systems, suggest efficient means of storage, determine files for archive.

  • Paper management
  • Space planning
  • Information & records management
  • Archiving
  • Storage


The goal here is to create calm, re-establish positive energy, open up more physical space in your rooms and home.

We work in all areas of your home including:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Wardrobes
  • Family rooms
  • Garages
  • Attics
  • Home offices
  • Managing collections, memorabilia and photographs
  • Paper Management


The goal here is to help busy parents or parents-to-be make their home environment safe and well organised for their children.

If you have lived in a baby free house for years and are now expecting a new arrival, or the children’s things seem to be spreading all over the house, we can help re-assign the functions of your living space, de-clutter and re-organise collections of toys, books, clothes etc.

Perhaps you’re returning to work and would like the house more organised before the nanny or au pair arrives.

Or perhaps you’ve a curious toddler investigating everything that’s not a toy, we can help you re-arrange furniture and shelving and re-organise items up to a safe level.


Disposal of Goods:

If you cannot remove the items yourself, for an additional charge we can organise this for you. We can dispose of goods by removing electrical goods, recycling or donation of unwanted goods.

Organised Chaos is very conscious of the environment while clearing out clutter in a client’s home or business. During the process, items are segregated to the best of our ability for efficient recycling and for the safe disposal of hazardous items at a later stage.

Be Social and Special Offers

Special offer of the initial consultation for €50 if you book before the 20thDecember





Ph: +353(0)86 3601083 |


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