Fiona Phelan – The Brain Gym Dublin

Ask FionaIn 2001 Fiona Phelan was introduced to Brain Gym, and became increasingly interested in using movement as a modality to release stress, and to integrate the mind and body for improved processing and function.

In 2005 Fiona received her certification as a Licensed Brain Gym Consultant through the Educational Kinesiology Foundation, UK. She has completed 400  hours of training in Educational Kinesiology. Fiona facilitates Brain Gym sessions for individuals of all ages in her private practice. She has led Brain Gym groups for school children, seniors and adults.

Brain Gym ® (Educational Kinesiology)

The brain is a marvelous organ — the center of everything we do. What if you could make your brain function more efficiently? What if you could learn things more quickly and easily? This is exactly what Brain Gym® can help you do, with a series of simple physical exercises.

Brain Gym® is an educational kinesiology system developed by Dr. Paul Dennison and Gail E. Dennison. It can help to speed the learning process through physical movement. Physical movement balances the brain and creates new neural pathways, which facilitates faster learning. Physical coordination, leads to mental coordination.


Adults and children come to a Brain Gym Consultant for many different reasons. The techniques can be a wonderful alternative to psychotherapy as it can help you change long-standing and unhelpful beliefs and habits. Rather than struggling to force your thought patterns to change, they change naturally without mental effort, using specific Brain Gym movements and processes.




Improve learning skills; speaking, listening, reading, writing and maths.

Increase concentration and memory.

Help problems related to dyslexia and dyspraxia.

Enhance self-esteem and confidence.

Improve physical co-ordination for movement, sport, dance and music.

Learn techniques for releasing tension and stress

Reduce chronic stress levels

Plan and achieve goals for specific areas of your life.

How Does it Work?

Brain Gym®


A first session with an adult is typically 90 minutes, although two hours should be allowed; subsequent sessions are typically one hour.


We prefer to work quickly with children, especially young children, and this is facilitated by the parent already having an understanding and experience of the Brain Gym® “balance” process. For this reason we prefer to book a session with a parent first, if possible.

A first session for a child whose parent has experienced a Brain Gym balance is typically one hour. A first session for a child whose parent is new to Brain Gym balancing is typically 90 minutes.







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