We learn about Moon and Spoon a dedicated catering services to nurseries

Our Business

We are a unique catering service dedicated to providing nurseries across Ireland with delicious dishes packed full of nutritious super foods. Created by an experienced chef, our dishes pass the taste test every time.To ensure we provide optimum nutrition, leading consultant dietitian, Gillian Killiner, advises us on the nutritional composition of our meals.

Using a mix of fun names, aromas, textures and flavours, we appeal specifically to children’s senses.  Because our menu is entirely balanced, it helps children develop excellent dietary habits from a very early age. Best of all, our dishes are incredibly tasty so kids simply love tucking in!

Moon and Spoon also work closely with a charity we hold close to our hearts. UNICEF works with families, communities and governments in more than 190 countries worldwide to protect and promote the rights of all children demonstrating our commitment to the well-being of toddlers not only in Ireland but around the world.

To find out how your nursery can benefit from our catering service contact us at info@moonandspoon.com today!

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Our Story

When Jamie Oliver decided to tackle the food choices by children by schools, he brought children’s eating habits to the forefront of the media.

As parents ourselves we were naturally worried when Jamie struggled to change children’s palettes. Based on what they were exposed to in their early childhood years, primary school children had already decided what they like and dislike.

Inspired by Jamie, Moon and Spoon set out on a mission of our very own that would help shape dietary habits from a much earlier age.

At Moon and Spoon we provide nurseries, day care centres and crèches with nutritious food made from an extensive range of fresh ingredients.

Our aims extend beyond building positive food associations.  As a children’s catering company we’re focused on supporting nurseries and crèches by providing ready to cook meals that are freshly frozen to guarantee the highest levels of nutrition. Our service eliminates the need for meal planning and meets all dietary preferences.

Tish Dorman


Website http://moonandspoon.com/

Twitter https://twitter.com/MoonSpoon3

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