Welcome our New Member Carmel founder of Karmel`s Kitchen

My name is Carmel and I founded Karmel`s Kitchen. I’m married with 3 children, our home and kitchen are always busy with family and friends visiting, I have been cooking and baking for over thirty years gaining experience while feeding a hungry family of 5. I have always had a passion for cooking which originates back to growing up in a large family.

The inspiration for Karmel’s Kitchen came to me during one of the many days baking with my 11 yr. old daughter and her friends. The children enjoyed these little culinary sessions so much they didn’t even realise they were gathering valuable skills.

It seemed a natural progression to broaden the scope of this and start offering classes to children so that more kids could learn the importance of cooking with an emphasis on fresh healthy produce. I wanted to encourage the children to understand that cooking with fresh food was so easy and so much tastier than the processed options available. Couple this with a solid ethos of food hygiene and a valuable life skill is being gathered in a fun environment.

Our Mission

At Karmel’s Kitchen we have an emphasis on teaching children good basic healthy home cooking in a pleasant & safe environment. Our aim is to allow the children to get involved in most aspects of creating a menu while teaching them basic kitchen hygiene.

We want to make this as easy for parents as possible so we will provide all ingredients for your children’s menu. We will provide each child with a chef’s hat & apron every week so parents don’t need to worry and we will also provide disposable food containers for children to take their food portion home.

Be Social

www . karmelskitchen . net

http ://twitter . com/karmels kitchen

http ://www . facebook . com/karmels kitchen

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