We learn about yogandha

Welcome to yogandha, we make yoga oils for use before and after practice. we use ingredients used in yoga for 4000 years. we sell to students & to teachers & studios at a rate that will allow an additional income.

Yogandha was founded by sinead duffy who has been teaching yoga for ten years. sinead had studied philosophy in university and then travelled widely. she was fortunate to stumble upon an ashram in java, indonesia where she spent some months learning and practicing meditation. she went on to study human rights and worked in kenya, lebanon, south sudan, ethiopia and mozambique. she was working with a non-profit organisation in addis ababa when she did her first yoga class.

Sinead came home from her first ever yoga class and announced to her new husband that she really had to move to india pretty soon. having waited 8 years to live in the same country, he let her off again and she went to train at sivananda, vivekananda, and finally studied vipasana. she then headed back to africa to teach yoga (and be a more present wife).d

During vipasana, she had her usual stock of herbal oils and there for the first time she experienced at a deep pranic level the effect that they have on the physiology of yoga and the yogic mind.  back in africa, she started making up her own products and researching the vedic practice of gandha – the use of natural materials such as sandalwood to enhance yoga.

She introduced these herbs to her own students. she tried to get them to make them themselves, but they asked her to do it. three years of meditation and blending later, here they are – yogandha was born.

She dearly hopes that yogandha oils will continue to enhance the practice of yoga folk (and the calm of non-yogis) and help to bring the mindfullness of practice into their every day.


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