New Member Tina Robinson founder of Airmid Soap- Natural Soap Handmade in Ireland

Airmid Natural Handmade Soap & Gifts

Airmid Soap, whose design is inspired by the rare and mystical landscape of the  Burren and the rugged and powerful Atlantic Coast is handmade in Kilfenora, County Clare, Ireland.

Each product brings its own healing and beautifying property, with a unique aroma that awakens the senses and a luxurious feeling of pure cream on the skin.

All of the products are made from 100 per cent natural ingredients, with many of the herbs and flowers home grown in the distinct soil of the Burren.

It is produced by Tina Robinson, who is also a freelance graphic designer.  After her second son was born with eczema in 2009 she began looking for an alternative to commercial chemical products  and began making chamomile soap which is gentle enough even for babies.  Handmade soap is wonderful for your skin, because it contains the natural glycerin which occurs in the soap making process and leaves your skin silky smooth. She was soon hooked and so the Airmid range developed.

The Airmid range now includes handmade soaps, body lotion cubes, solid shampoo bars, shaving soap, bath melts and gifts.

It is not surprising then that the soap range draws its name from the Celtic goddess Airmid, the healing goddess noted for her use of natural Irish herbs.

Airmid – Celtic Goddess of Healing and Herbal Lore

Airmid, also known as Airmed or Airmeith, is the Celtic Goddess of the Healing Arts. She was  a member of the Tuatha De Danaan, the most ancient race of deities in Ireland and just as they did, she had great magickal powers…

Airmid was the daughter of Dian Cecht, the God of Medicine, and the Chief Physician and Magician of the Tuatha De Danaan. She also had four brothers: Miach, Cian, Cethe, and Cu, and they all followed closely in their father’s footsteps. Airmid also had a sister named Etan, who was a poet who was also married to Oghma…

When the Fir Bolgs first arrived in Ireland, the Tuatha De Danaan fought against them in a great war, protecting its people and land from invasion. During the first battle…Nuada, the King of the Tuatha De Danaan [was] seriously injured in that his arm became severed from his body.

Since Dian Cecht was the Chief Physician of the Tuatha De Danaan, he was immediately called upon to attend to Nuada’s wounds, and he brought Airmid and Miach with him to assist. While Dian Cecht was working upon Nuada, it became increasingly clear that Airmid’s and Miach’s skills as healers were much greater then those of their father.

While Dian Cecht had decided to replace Nuada’s severed arm with one that he had constructed from silver, Airmid was actually able to regenerate the King’s own arm to perfect working order. Then Miach, using his amazing surgical skills, took the regenerated arm and re-attached it to the King’s body. These actions were extremely important to the Tuatha De Danaan and especially to Nauda, because according to its laws, no one could ever be its king, whose body was not completely whole. If Nuada’s arm had not been re-attached to his body, through Airmid and Miach’s amazing skills, then his reign as King would have ended…”

The soap

All the products are handmade, making each as unique as the person using it. Each soap is also carefully developed from scratch using only natural ingredients. As a result all Airmid’s products contain the natural glycerine, which occurs naturally during the soap making process. Glycerine is wonderful for the skin and is missing from many commercial soaps, which is usually made with animal fat or tallow.

Many commercial products are also not “true soaps”, but rather synthetic detergents as the natural glycerine is removed during the manufacturing process. This is why your skin feels dry and itchy after you use them. The glycerine in handmade soap leaves your skin silky soft, smooth and flake free.

The Airmid range is made from scratch the old-fashioned way using the cold process method. All soaps are made in small batches and cut by hand. Only the finest quality plant waxes, oils, butters, essential oils and herbs are chosen to create moisturising, luxurious, fluffy lather soap which is naturally gentle on skin. Our home grown herbs and flowers make our handmade soaps very special and unique.

To extend the shelf life of your soap We recommend you use a draining soap dish to store your soap in between uses as extend exposure to water will decrease the shelf life of your soap.

Our Soap dishes are made in County Clare, Ireland– they must be cleaned regularly and allowed to dry naturally to extend life of wood.


Cedarwood & Eucalyptus Gift Set

Airmid Natural handmade soap, lotion cube, luxurious bath melt and wooden soap dish all beautifully packaged in a sustainable jute bag. Airmid Cedarwood & Eucalyptus Natural Handmade Soap Refreshing earthy Eucalyptus blended with soothing Cedarwood  and fresh healing Tea Tree. Eucalyptus oil can help speed up the healing of slow healing wounds, calm skin eruptions and […]

Airmid natural handmade shaving soap

Airmid Natural Irish Handmade Shaving Soap

Airmid Natural Irish Handmade Shaving Soap Shave like your grandfather did! Once you try a real soap to shave with, you’ll never use a commercial shaving cream again. Lavender, Sweet Orange & Patchouli Sensual Patchouli, brightened with the aroma of Sweet Orange and soothing Lavender. Cocoa butter and Avocado oil have excellent moisturising qualities which […]

Airmid Cedarwood & Eucalyptus Handmade Soap

Irish Handmade Cedarwood & Eucalyptus Soap

Refreshing earthy Eucalyptus blended with soothing Cedarwood  and fresh healing Tea Tree. Eucalyptus oil can help speed up the healing of slow healing wounds, calm skin eruptions and clear congested skin. Cedarwood benefits the skin by its sedating ability which relieves itching. Its astringent action is great for acne and oily skin. Tea Tree oil will help to […]

We are committed to natural, sustainable products.

The Airmid Range is produced in accordance with strict EU Cosmetic Safety Guidelines.

Member of the European Directory of Soap and Cosmetic

Our Palm Oil is certified by the R.S.P.O. “Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil.

Packaging from recycled and sustainable materials.

Due to the handcrafted nature of the products, each bar may vary slightly in size and appearance.

100% Natural – No harmful chemicals.
Handmade in Kilfenora, Co. Clare, Ireland.

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