We meet Ula Design

 My name is Ula and I would like to tell you a little bit about me and my work..

Ula pic

I am a qualified architect having practiced in Dublin for several years. Along with the day job I always had a passion for exploring contemporary art and design. I studied part time jewellery making and design as well as casting and stone settings with National College of Art and Design under the tuition of renowned jeweller Erika Marks and Joe Kelly. Starting by designing and making pieces in my spare time, every chance I could, I have since gone into the workshop full-time and developed my range to what you see here on this site now.


Influenced by my background I put a lot of architectural experience into my work – I like high contrasts, vivid colours and strong geometrical compositions. I pay particular attention to details using various natural materials and silver/silver coated components as the basis for my jewellery. I like experimenting with other, often non-precious materials as well like wood, felt, acrylics, glass, etc. I also work on one-off commissions tailoring pieces that uniquely emphasise my clients’ personal style.

I have two beautiful boys who demand my fullest attention when I’m not in the workshop and I’m a keen cook and really enjoy baking at home. I am  basically a Domestic Goddess up to the point where I have to take out the marigolds and get cleaning. Happy to make the mess, don’t enjoy the clean up.

agrvglass (5)

‘Ula Design’ is registered with Craft Council of Ireland – for registration details please click here.



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