New Member – Sandra Lorenz-O’Sullivan, We Speak German


We Speak German offers German language lessons for children of preschool and primary school age in an engaging and fun environment. Our teaching approach is practical: learn first words and phrases through songs, rhymes and play activities, use the German language while drawing a picture or playing board games. Through theses activities the vocabulary grows and the correct grammar is learned along the way by using the language. Fun activities and using the German language from the very beginning are at core of our lessons.

Here’s what We Speak German offers:

– German language classes for children
– private lessons or small groups
– a proven certified teaching method
– materials developed by experts
– classes taught by a qualified native speaker
– classes & support for bilingual children with 
– support & advice for parents

Lessons for German as a foreign language cover all areas relevant to children’s’ lives such as family and talking about oneself, numbers and colours, clothes, weather, food, toys, school, the great outdoors and lots more, and are filled with songs and rhymes, arts and craft activities, stories, playing board games or games of cards. All activities are designed to actively engage the children so that they are able to use the new words right from the start.

For bilingual children with German living in Ireland German is a minority language and We Speak German offers them and their parents support for keeping up their German and developed it further throughout the years. As an additional benefit it gives them the chance to use the language outside the home and meet other kids speaking the same language.

We Speak German is also available to work with preschools and primary schools if they would like to offer German as a foreign language as an extra curricular activity.

Sandra was born in Rostock, Germany and enjoyed living by the Baltic Sea until 2001 when she moved to Ireland. Before coming to Ireland she obtained a master degree in Education and Sociology from the University of Rostock, Germany. Sandra added further qualifications to her teaching experience and studied at the Goethe Institute German as a second language in pre and primary school as well as The KIKUS Method: Teaching German to Young Children at the Centre for Multilingualism in Early Childhood, Munich, Germany. Sandra began to learn her first foreign language, Russian, at the age of 9, followed by English and Spanish. She now has two children who are growing up bilingually with German and English.

www . wespeakgerman . ie

http ://twitter . com/WeSpeakGerman

http ://www . facebook . com/WeSpeakGerman

New Class starting on 4th March – Call 086 1773445 or email

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