New Member Zooki

Launched in 2013, Zooki is a product made for anyone pushing their little darlings around in a trolley. Having been a full time Mum for almost 10 years, I have spent plenty of time pushing my 3 kiddos around shops! Made with passion, experience and a lot of help, we hope your Zooki will keep your toddler clean + warm + hygienic + entertained + all round happy in a trolley. Getting the groceries is hard enough, so let us help out, even just a bit!

After our own experiences of wiping-down filthy trolley seats, towelling down of wet trolley seats and the constant worry of gnawing on handles where many other hands have been, we decided to fix the situation with Zooki.

Demo models, prototypes, source material, logos, labels, it’s all ready and we think it looks great. We really hope you do too!

Take a read of the stuff below to see some more on the how and why of Zooki, then get in touch with us to get yourself set up, or grab one for a friend.


In 2011, Professor Charles Gerba of the University of Arizona, conducted a study of 85 shopping trollies spaced out over 5 States in America.  The study was intended to investigate the hygiene (or lack of hygiene) of shopping trollies.

The results are horrifying and suggest that shopping trollies are less sanitary than the average public toilet.  Traces of EColi, Salmonella & faeces were found on most of the trollies tested.  It was also noted that trollies are rarely, if ever, sanitised or disinfected.  Read the findings here.

An article in the Irish Independent also mentions a link between childhood Salmonella with shopping trollies.  Read the article here.

We cannot germ-proof every surface that our children touch but we must endeavour to protect them as best we can.  Zooki is the product to help keep those dangerous, nasty germs away from our most precious little people.

“We recently purchased a Zooki for our friend’s twins and they are delighted. Hard enough cleaning a trolley for one child, but two? Now they don’t need to worry about dirty or wet trolleys. It was gift wrapped and made such a lovely present. I’ll be buying more Zooki for friends & family!” 

“I am so delighted to have a Zooki – it gives me such peace of mind that my little one is not picking up lots of nasty bugs from a dirty trolley.  It’s also more comfortable for her with its fleece lining.”








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