New Member Emilie Murphy

When Stella & Dot launched in Ireland just 3 weeks ago, I climbed out form beneath a pile of laundry, closed my eyes, held my breath, and jumped right in to start my own business as a Founding Stylist. And I haven’t looked back. If you haven’t heard of Stella & Dot- it’s a US jewellery and accessories company that gets its roots from Avon and Tupperware parties. But this ain’t your grandmother’s party! Stella & Dot has turned the concept of direct selling on its heels creating a brand that is coveted by women and celebs in six countries (and growing).

Stella 2

Their business model focuses in on exactly how modern consumers want to shop and what they want to shop for. And best of all it’s giving women like me the opportunity to have my own business. I love my kids SO much and am very lucky to be home with them, but I must say it’s been the most fun I’ve had in ages. My design (interior design degree), marketing (previous career), and networking skills have kicked into overdrive and I’m loving it. And you know what? It’s making me a better mom. And oh did I mention the FAB jewellery, scarves, and bags that I get to wear and sell on my online boutique and at trunk shows by appointment. 

Ballyea, Ennis, Co. Clare

Sales, Marketing, Stylist, Fashion

www . stelladot . eu/emiliemurphy

http ://twitter . com/emiliecmurphy

http ://www . facebook . com/emiliemurphyireland

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