New Member Gillian Treacy – Work shops and courses helping women to increase their capacity for success

Work shops and courses helping women to increase their capacity for success

Through individual sessions and group workshops, I coach women to define what success means to them, to think creatively, trust their intuition and take the necessary steps to manifest the lives they want to create. Throughout my own life experiences, I have learned to trust myself; to follow my intuition and expand into the courage to take necessary risks. Life loves us as part of itself. We are all creative beings with the capacity to unfold our talents and bring our dreams to fruition.


As women we are more than able to support one another to become the women we were born to be. I worked for twenty years as founder and co-ordinator of a two year full time course in Photographic Studies, using that wonderful medium as a tool to connect individuals with their deep creative capacity in order to transform their lives.

Personal life challenges prompted me to study and become qualified in Psychotherapy, Shamanism, Energy Healing, Life and Business Coaching, Meditation and Mindfulness and Tai Chi and QiGong. I synthesize all of the above in my courses and workshops. A love of people, life, and our immense capacity for spiritual depth and connection are my motivations in this wonderful work.

Some Customer Feedback

I attended Gillian’s Are You Ready To Inspire course. I found the process to be transforming. I felt supported and inspired during and after the course. With Gillian’s help I managed to get out of my own way and truly believe that what I have to offer the community has value and that I am only limited by my own beliefs. I now believe I can do anything I want to. Gillian continues to support and inspire me.

Olive Walsh


Since I started with Gillian, I learned how to increase my energy and daily focus through her excellent coaching and Tai Chi experience. The course worked towards creating and developing my visions to integrate into my daily life and working towards my overall bigger goals.  Gillian was excellent developing my creativity using inspirational talks and her knowlege to identify my goals and to focus me.  This was done through weekly support and her Tai Chi experience.  Gillian is a great teacher and I enjoyed the course very much.  Thank you Gillian

Michelle Ryan – Busy Mum and Nutritionist



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