New Member Louise Gallagher – Achieve Speech and Language Therapy Services

Achieve Speech and Language Therapy Services

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Louise Gallagher M.Sc. B.Sc. M.I.A.S.L.T. is a Speech & Language Therapist with extensive experience working with paediatric and adult populations in Ireland since graduating from Trinity College in 2005. Louise works with children and adults with primary speech and language difficulties (e.g. delayed language, speech difficulties, stuttering, hoarseness) as well as communication difficulties associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Disability and neurological impairments (e.g. Stroke).

Achieve Speech and Language Therapy Services is a private Speech Therapy business providing assessment, diagnosis and treatment of communication difficulties for children and adults in north Donegal and its environs.

Child Specialties
  • Autism Spectrum and related disorders
  • Down Syndrome and other chromosomal disorders
  • Early Intervention
  • Group Therapy
  • Home Visits / School Visits
  • Late Talkers / Selective Mute
  • Parent / Teacher Training
  • Speech Sound Errors
  • Stammer / Stutter
  • Understanding and Using Language including Dyslexia
Adult Specialties
  • Carer Training and Support
  • Down Syndrome and life-long Language Disabilties
  • Group Therapy
  • Head Injury / Rehabilitation
  • Home / Nursing Home Visits
  • Speech Sound Errors
  • Voice Difficulties / Public Speaking

Contact Louise

+353 86 124 6596

www . achievespeechandlanguage . com

http ://twitter . com/AchieveSpeech

http ://www . facebook . com/AchieveSpeechAndLanguage

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