New Member Scribbaloo Art Apps for Kids

Do you remember the days when kids would sit down with an old cereal box, a scissors and some tape and make something incredibly creative? While we love the old fashioned way of playing and making, we also love new technology and passionately believe that these two approaches of bringing creativity into kids lives can not only happily co-exist but also enhance each other greatly.

Scribbaloo creates apps for young kids using real stuff like cardboard, popsicle sticks, felt, sticky tape, foil and any other materials we can get our hands on! Scribbaloo apps entertain, encourage learning, cause much giggling and inspire kids using them to think “I might give this making thing a go in real life one day!”.

Co-founded by two Irish artists & moms, our names are Mary Noonan and Fionnuala Hanahoe and we met while sharing an artist studio in The Red Stables in Dublin. Together we have facilitated hundreds of art workshops, over several years, with thousands of children. From this experience we have learned that while creative workshops are an important and fun amenity for kids, they are not always frequent and accessible enough for parents. So we decided to go digital with our knowledge founding Scribbaloo and…learning how to code!

This was a daunting task at first, but our motto is “creativity makes all things possible” and those early days of frantically sifting through thick coding books seem a distant memory now.

Our first app Scribbaloo Pigs is available on the App Store and Amazon App Store for Android and our second app Scribbaloo Train is to be released very soon. Click here to find out more

Our philosophy is that the creative potential in every child is immense. We believe that the most amazing artworks can be made with the simplest of materials and that imagination is always the secret and most special ingredient!

Would you like to make your very own pig out of easy-to-find and fun materials? Well it is amazing what you can do with Scribbaloo and his friends as they show you how in this interactive and creative app, full of fun, giggles, colors, sounds and much much more…


Download for iPad & iPhone

Download for Android

Scribbaloo is a creative and loveable monkey who invites kids to ‘Make Some Pigs’ with him and his artist friends: Auntie Esther, Terry, Iggy, Mr. Featherton and Hairy Molly. In his studio, Scribbaloo guides kids through the process of making a pig out of cardboard and other materials. Making a pig is great fun, and each page has lots of sounds, interactivity and animations. Scribbaloo Pigs also encourages and inspires kids to explore their creativity using the App as a guide for making their very own pig in real life!


www . scribbaloo . com

http ://twitter . com/scribbaloo

http ://www . facebook . com/ScribbalooArtAppsForKids

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