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Toys and Games

My name is Suzie Evans and I opened this online toy shop in 2014. I have two little girls who love toys and I had been a stay at home mum to them for five years. Then, my children started school and I wanted to stretch my brain, get paid and stay busy, but I didn’t want to be tied into a job that meant I ‘d miss collecting my children from school or doing fun things with them in the afternoons. So, with advice from several very encouraging friends and a very supportive husband, I decided to open my own online toy shop.

I wanted to stock quality toys for reasonable prices. Wooden toys that will last past one child (and maybe even into next generations); educational toys and kits that will make learning fun; and creative kits that will bring out natural talents in children and which they can show off the end product to their friends and family.

I have chosen toys and games which I feel my girls and their friends would really love. I really hope you find that your children love them too! I believe that the toys stocked in my shop make a refreshing alternative to the heavily branded and advertised plastic-ware that many toy shops stock. I really believe in the toys I stock and know that they will pretty much sell themselves. Their quality and development, educational and play value make them super gifts.


Enjoy browsing and feel free to contact me with suggestions of toys which you think I should stock as I’m always on the lookout for lovely toys and games.







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