New Member Miriam O`Connor founder of Webkids

Miriam is the founder and CEO of Webkids. Webkids is currently developing a web based solution to deliver online courses to kids enabling self-paced learning that can be adapted to suit individual learning needs.

Webkids has recognised a need to provide adequate “support for learning” especially for children who may require help through the learning process. It aims to provide the necessary supports and feedback which will be built in to the course, promoting independent learning while building a child’s confidence and self-esteem. Collaboration with peers will be promoted as the child progresses through the course modules.

The idea behind Webkids has been born out of personal experience and I hope that as it develops, it will bring peace of mind to many parents and provide an invaluable resource to many teachers, while giving children the best possible chance to advance on a personal and academic level.

Webkids will help children develop problem solving skills, enrich cognitive skills and promote internet awareness on an educational level that will benefit kids socially, emotionally and academically.

Webkids is currently being developed… this space… exciting learning adventure awaits !!

Co. Cork

Coming Soon !

http ://twitter . com/_webkids

http ://www . facebook . com/webkids . ie

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