New Member Rachel Dalton

Founded in 2005, Rachel Dalton Communications is an award-winning agency that helps brands to leverage the power of marketing to women and gain competitive advantage. Today women lead increasingly complex lives, juggling careers, family and ‘me time’.


Women are highly discerning about brands and more thorough in their research when it comes to shopping. More active brand advocates than their male counterparts, we are fuelled by the belief that brands and businesses need to have a better understanding of today’s female psyche, her behaviors and her expectations.

Led by founder Rachel Dalton, an expert in marketing to women with over 20 years of working with female-focused brands, we are passionate about translating marketing to women insights and expertise into successful communication strategies, driving increased sales, market shares and brand loyalty.

30 Fitzwilliam Street Upper, Dublin 2

Beauty, health, food and lifestyle PR & marketing

www . rdcommunications . ie

http ://twitter . com/RDC_Dublin

http ://www . facebook . com/RachelDaltonCommunications?ref=hl

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