82 Story Lane – Festival of Childhood

82 Story Lane is a new and exciting exhibition and festival for families with primary school aged children. It’s run by the EXPO company and we imagined a new and revamped experience for attendees. Here’s flavour of what is planned.

On the morning of February 7th 2015, families from around the country will arrive to the front door of 82 Story Lane. They’ll be met by our affable MC in Neverending Junction, who’ll guide them through the adventure that awaits them. They’ll get to amble up Adventure Boulevard, meander around Curious Drive, through the Enchanted Forest, along the Giant’s Highway into the Jolly Kingdom before entering Legend’s Meadow. And lest they lose their way, our Walking Talking Streetlights will be there at hand to shed some light on the situation and help our Treasure Seekers along their way.

HALL OF FAME – Kids of all ages will get to join in drum sessions; it’ll be loud, it’ll be interactive, it’ll be a barrel of laughs. There’ll be illustrators hosting workshops and teaching new skills and tricks to kids and families alike in our STUDIO 1 & 2, while the little ones can rest a while and satisfy their curiosity for play in the GINGERBREAD HOUSE and FAIRYLAND. Keep an eye out on for updates, as we’ll post the schedule soon on the website, via Twitter @82storylane and on our Facebook page. /82storylane

THE MURAL – A group of well-known Irish illustrators will create a mural beside the stage. By the time 82 Story Lane is over the mural will be complete and as part of our CSR philosophy, we will donate this to a selection of children’s hospitals and charities.

SALON DU CHAT – A chat without the chit. Interesting topics will be served up on a menu for children to choose a topic and get their conversational juices flowing. Parents will be amazed and intrigued about how much their kids have to contribute.

THE DREAMTREE is a place for all the family to write their dreams and aspirations. Derbhile will write to herself 30 years from now about her dreams for the future and Ailish will get the opportunity to write to her six year old self.

THE TREEHOUSE is our seminar room where parenting experts share tips on how to create a happy and harmonious family life.

82 Story Lane is made up of many exciting, adventurous and inspirational lands. There will be surprises around every corner…

TREASURE ISLAND – inspiration for family holidays, fun days out, trips further afield and must-see places 100 ACRE WOOD – a giant den packed with toys, games, musical instruments and indoor and outdoor play equipment

LILLIPUT – includes a range of children’s clothes, accessories and furniture

NEVER NEVER LAND – Lots of exciting sports and outdoor activities that families can take part in together

GREAT EXPECTATIONS – information about education, family planning and insurance delivered with a light touch so it’s easy to absorb THE GIANT PEACH – Full of delicious food, ingredients for healthy family meals and cooking tips

WANDERLAND – a selection of stalls selling handcrafted and artisan goods will be available for our treasure seekers

RDS, Dublin

Exhibition suitable for businesses looking to promote and sell into the family marketplace, particularly for families with primary school aged children.

www . 82storylane . ie

http ://twitter . com/82storylane

http ://www . facebook . com/82storylane

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