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Buttons & Bows Boutique is my “new baby”


Here at Buttons & Bows Boutique you will find beautiful baby and toddler clothing & accessories at affordable prices. Our ranges are in sizes from New Born to School Starting ages. We also offer a wide range of beautiful Baby Gifts, Disney & Character wear and something a bit different – something special. We want you to have an enjoyable online shopping experience with us and for you to love our store and its beautiful ranges.

I set up my online store for 2 simple reasons, the first to be able to work flexible hours allowing me to be close by to my little toddler Emily and the second because I felt Ireland needs a baby and toddler online clothing store offering variety, quality and affordability through a friendly easy to use set up.

I have always been a keen online shopper, I love nothing more than the postman/courier arriving at my front door with something new that I have recently ordered, that was until I had my first baby! As a first time mum all I wanted to buy was beautiful things for my beautiful baby but I found the options for online shopping for baby clothes limited and in most cases very expensive. So the idea for Buttons & Bows Boutique slowly started from there.

Now that my baby has turned into my toddler I found the same issue buying toddler clothing online so Buttons & Bows Boutique is offering a range from New Born to School Starting ages.

Based in the Sunny South East, we are 100% Irish owned and Independent. We are brand new and offering a range of items that bit different. We want to give customers that same love of their parcel arriving at their front door.

Phone +353 53 9102477





New Member Aine`s Kitchen

Aine’s Story:

Aine Boyle

I have always been passionate about food and cooking and I want to share my love and enthusiasm for good food with you. Hopefully, I will inspire you to get back into your kitchen with a renewed confidence and willingness to tackle even the most difficult recipes. My goal is to share with people my passion for “real” food and teach them how to cook it, appreciate it, eat it and, most importantly, love it!

People tell me my passion and enthusiasm for food is infectious and that when I talk about food, I talk with my hands and my eyes…..both of which are much better at explaining my emotions on food!

After working in restaurants as a chef, I then took time out to have my children but I missed the cooking. During this time, I became very interested in the health benefits of good food and studied Diet and Nutrition and qualified as a Nutritionist. I believe that food that tastes great can also benefit your health.

After much planning and excitement, I finally realised my own dream and opened Aine’s Kitchen and I am now doing something that I truly love. The idea behind my cookery school being based at home is to make people feel as comfortable as possible and show them that fantastic food can still be produced in their own kitchens. Once you perfect your basic cooking skills, you can tackle any recipe with a bit of practice. Every day is a learning curve with cooking, even for myself!

I get great pleasure from taking everyday dishes and giving them a healthy twist and am constantly creating new recipes that will tickle your taste buds and keep you healthy!

They say that when you do something you are passionate about for work, then it is no longer a job……well, what can I say!

Our Classes:

Our cookery classes can cater to even the most inexperienced cook right up to more confident cooks who wish to improve their skills.  Each class is flexible to allow people to get involved or just sit back and watch. Our classes are both hands-on and demonstration-only, depending on the participants of each class.  The atmosphere is relaxed and informal, with an emphasis on practical learning techniques.

Our “Taste of Spain” class promises to ignite your Mediterranean passion! I have spent many holidays eating and learning about the beautiful food that this wonderful country has to offer.  At the end of this class, you will sit down and enjoy a Spanish feast complete with a wine matched to the food.

The “Italian Food Made Simply” class will enhance your skills making fresh pasta, pizza and mouth-watering Italian breads.  A delicious lunch will follow with a glass of prosecco to toast your good work!

Our “Cake Decorating” class is designed to give you the basics of designing your own novelty cake and creating a masterpiece without resorting to buying expensive cake moulds!  You will leave this class with a big grin on your face and your own decorated cake to take home!

The “Men Only” class caters to you guys who really do want to be “King of the Kitchen”!  Learn to make mouth-watering Friday night curries or a feast of a Sunday Lunch in this relaxed half day, finished off with lunch consisting of your own hard work…..and a cold beer of course!

During our classes, I hope that you too will find your own passion for food.

Private classes also available on request.

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Kitty O`Byrnes – a gourmet food company, we find out more


In the last year, so many people have asked me ‘so just who is Kitty’. Well, in simple terms, Kitty is a very lovely lady on my Dad’s side of the family. An amazing cook with a lot of soul and I like that, because it’s something I like to think I have or at least aspire to. Of course the more complex answer is that Kitty is a blend of many women in my life, my Mum, sister, grandmothers! In many ways, I have learned so much from them all not just in terms of food but in life as well. I guess the real answer is that Kitty is really just me but also an extension of all the amazing women in my life.

From there to here!

For the last two years I have lived and breathed ‘Kitty’ so much that I know her inside out at this stage. I feel like she has stood in my kitchen with me, during many long hours as I stood over yet another pot of sauce, bottling countless jars of jam or melting an endless supply of couverture chocolate.

While I’ve had a somewhat colourful career path (waitress, childminder, housekeeper, payroll clerk, secretary, human statue, trainee psychotherapist, reiki practitioner, personal assistant and office manager), I love how at this point in time, I am finally working with what I love. Food. In truth it is all I think about, read about, talk about so it makes perfect sense that for the last few years, I have focused on my passion for food.

2 years ago I set up CakeBombs

1 year ago, I entered the Dragons Den

And now, here I am, rebranded as Kitty O’Byrnes with some of my gorgeously labelled jams and sauce already in kitchen cupboards out there. It is a warm and fuzzy feeling I can tell you, one I am very proud of. The result of a lot of hard work and long hours and there is plenty more of that to come.

As they do say, watch this space!!



The contents above belong to Kitty -PLEASE DO NOT COPY


All products now available from Redmond Fine Foods

Tel: 045 883570

8 Mistakes to Avoid when developing your New Product Idea

Oops! Mistake image.jpg

You have all heard the expression that everybody has a book in them! Well I’d go so far as to say that everybody has at least half a dozen new business ideas or new product ideas in them and in many cases these ideas have been kicking around for 5,10 or 15 years and for one reason or other we have never quite got around to moving them forward. Then circumstances change and you find that you are now giving them attention. So what are the common pitfalls and mistakes to watch out for on this exciting journey?

1.       Sitting on an idea for years

As already mentioned human nature being such as it is most of us myself included are prone to allowing our ideas to fester and take up valuable mental and emotional energy for years before actually doing something about them, until the weight of living under the mantle of “if only” takes its toll and spurs us into action. An interesting statistic from the great depression of 1929 suggests that in the 10 years after the crash, there were more millionaires created than at any other time in history and I can only surmise that the reason for this was that people were so desperate that they actually tried things and because thousands of people tried things a percentage of them were very successful.

2.       Reinventing the wheel

Now that we are filled with renewed zest and enthusiasm we rush blindly into our project without carrying out adequate on line and off line research to see what is already available and only discover this twelve months and several thousand euro later.

3.       Premature spend on expensive product design & prototype       development

We often spend far too much money prematurely on product design and prototype development before discovering if there is an actual demand, desire and market for our idea. Find this out first and then if you are still getting the green light then spend strategically on product design to help research your project further.

4.       Premature spend on patents

We are all a bit paranoid when it comes to our whiz new idea and the first instinct is to stop those pesky pirates from stealing it from under our nose and denying us the millions that are rightfully ours. So we lash out to file patent application straight away. Here is a wake up stat for you- most patents that are filed i.e.  97% actually make less money than was spent on the patent itself. And it is not because the ideas weren’t patentable they were, it’s just that nobody wanted them. The reality of it is that your greatest fear should be that you will spend the next 1- 2 years of your life and possibly thousands or tens of thousands developing something that ultimately goes nowhere. Therefore your objective at this stage is to find out if your idea is a runner as fast and as cheaply as possible. And when I say fast I literally mean within hours, days or weeks.  People don’t usually try to steal your idea until you have made a success of it, established a market and effectively removed the risk. It is possible to research and qualify your idea discreetly before filing patent through careful use of non – disclosure agreements and by describing what the product does but without going into detail of exactly how it does it. Thereby maintaining the novelty aspect of your particular design. Once you have verified to your satisfaction that there is mileage in the idea you can then look at more robust patent protection but again done in a strategic way.

5.       Not talking to people

We have a built in resistance to talking to people about our idea, firstly it takes us out of our comfort zone, secondly we are afraid somebody is going to steal our idea and thirdly subconsciously we are afraid we are going to hear something we don’t actually want to hear. It’s imperative that you identify clearly and talk to those people who you believe at this stage will be your ideal customers. On average about 50% of your assumptions will be wrong for a variety of both logical and illogical reasons. Therefore it is important that you find out as soon as possible. You must engage with your audience before during and after the development process.

6.       We don’t approach it in a systematic way

As such we take too long in discovering if this is just an interesting idea or a real opportunity. Most of them will be just interesting ideas so don’t spend months and years finding out. Not everybody needs to like your idea but your ideal customer does and whether this represents 5, 10 or 20% of the market you need to be able to identify them clearly in order to establish the feasibility of your idea.

7.       We take setbacks too personally and give up too easily 

One thing is for sure product and development will force you to develop more personally than most other things and in fairness this is probably the greatest gain. It requires a lot of persistence and it also requires us to let go when the signals are there to indicate this. It is necessary to know when to pivot and get out when necessary and simply move onto our next idea. If you adopt this strategy it is only a matter of time before you will hit on a real opportunity.

8.       Thinking and focusing more on the product than we do on the customer

At the end of the day it always was and always will be about the customer, the end user. Too much time is spent focussed on the product without adequate regard for the person you expect is going to buy and use it. So make sure you have your priorities right, market first product second, most get this the other way around and end up paying the penalty for it.

So to conclude if you feel you are sitting on the next big thing, don’t wait around till you are too tired to do something about it and wondering” what if”. Follow the process above and take the first step. Ninety five per cent of individuals do nothing it is only the 5% that do. So what you need to ask yourself is do you want to be part of the 5% or of the 95%. The decision is up to you.

Good luck. Terry Daly

About the author:

Terry Daly runs a business called Thinktwice advising Entrepreneurs and SMEs in New Product Development & Innovation Training.

We meet Lucy Pearce – finally coming out as an entrepreneur

My name is Lucy Pearce. I am a third generation Creative Mother – who has to relearn on a daily basis how to find balance and minimise the visits from my inner Crazy Woman.
You will see her emerge every so often on the blog! This is part of keeping it real – for you, and me  –  to  know that I am NOT superwoman, in fact I am often a woman on the edge – who is driven by an overwhelming need to create and serve.
Dreaming aloud
So here I am, married to Mr Dreaming Aloud – a dashing creative type who is still finding his own entrepreneurial courage whilst sharing the care of our three loopy cute kids aged 8, 5 and 3. We live in a little pink house with white shutters, in the village of my birth on the coast in County Cork, Ireland. We sit on the white picket fence which divides the mainstream world from that of the hippies – we like the view!

Walking the path of the Creative Rainbow Mother is where it’s at for me – trying to honour both my diverse creative urges (writing, painting, teaching, community-organising, baking, editing, world-changing…) and my need to be a hands-on, engaged mama to our three young children.
It’s not easy. I struggle. And a lot of the time I feel I’m failing. But it’s worth it.

After a liberal arts education, I travelled the world for a couple of years, with my husband-to-be, living in Japan for 7 months, before having our first baby at home aged 25, followed by two more in 4 years.
At 29 I was mother of three, with a growing career as a freelance writer and editor at a natural parenting magazine (Juno), when I started to blog. This changed my life and ramped up my vision a whole other level.
I always knew I would be a writer: I just didn’t know what to write about!!
After 7 earlier attempts on books as diverse as poetry, a Roddy Doyle-esque novel and a cook book… I started my  first proper book whilst my three children had chickenpox – yes, that’s the way I do things!!
That book on Creative Mothers, now called The Rainbow Way: Cultivating Creativity in the Midst of Motherhood has been on a long journey, via agents and publishers, receiving a couple of the nicest rejection letters anyone could hope to have! And it found one. it will be published by Soul Rocks in November 2013, and has received hearty endorsements from so many of my heroines.

So whilst I was waiting (have I told you that I’m impatient?!) I wrote another book! As you do!
So Moon Time emerged, in the space of just four months – from first idea to being on the shelves of internet retailers around the globe.
My first, rather delightful foray into the seemingly scary world of self publishing. I am tickled pink by the constant feedback I receive from women telling me how much it’s helping them. Yay for my first book – my fourth baby! It has been bought by hundreds of women around the world, from Mexico to New Zealand, Denmark to Denver, Croydon to California, many of whom have contacted me to tell me it has been “life changing!” That’s not a response I take lightly. It was followed eight months later by book number two, Moods of Motherhood, a soulful, honest journey through the emotions of maternal life, which has been resonating with mamas, helping them feel supported and accepted in their highs and lows. My third, Reaching for the Moon, a girl’s version of Moon Time is out mid June 2013. Followed in November by The Rainbow Way. I am now working on numbers five, six and seven… which thrills me beyond words.

Now I write a number of blogs, including:The Happy Womb – a wonderful resource hub for women’s empowerment, and my baking blog The Queen of Puddings. I lead women’s workshops, edit Juno, teach blogging at the prestigious Ballymaloe Cookery School and paint. A busy, colourful and mainly happy life.

I am finally coming out as an entrepreneur and finding a viable way to harness my skills and earn a living for our family through my creativity. I share this journey on the blog.  
The contents above is for promotional purposes only, join Lucy on her website at

Getting the Balance Right by Purity Belle founder Cliona

I have been thinking about this a lot recently for many reasons. Firstly I’m a parent which automatically cuts ‘me time’ to a minimum! Then factor in a 3 day nine to five job and my candle business and there’s not much left over at all 🙂

I read an article the other day describing the characteristics of successful women and was struck by the fact that making time for themselves was a factor common to all. Is it that you think better and perform better if you have time to relax? Or perhaps that in order to be successful, you become more adept at organising your time and energy?
I suppose I’ve felt for a long time that I have to be working every spare minute and available all the time in case I miss an opportunity or fall behind.  Inevitably though, this creates stress and worry, and a feeling that I don’t have enough time for my family or myself.
Also I can’t forget to mention the demon Smartphone syndrome – I find myself checking emails late at night and early in the morning, updating Facebook and having a browse through pinterest and sending the odd tweet. Then there’s Instagram, Word games (which I love!), LinkedIn – the list is endless!
With all that in mind and despite the fact that I will have loads of work to do in the coming months, I’ve decided to carve out a little bit more time for myself. Also I’ll be doing my best to set aside some screen free time – my daughter attends a Waldorf school – Kildare Steiner School which has a big emphasis on minimum screen time and maximum outdoor /hands on time. I’m feeling at the moment that we’d all be better off with less time on devices and more time talking/interracing with one another
Please let me know if you have any tips or can relate 🙂
Maybe we all need some time to appreciate the little things –
About Cliona
I am a mum of two living in Kilcullen, Co. Kildare. I love gardening and I’m passionate about preserving and caring for our environment. In a funny way, this led to me being a candlemaker – hating to see old remnants of candles lying about, I melted them down to create new ones. Then, as I became more proficient, I really wanted to perfect them and make the scent beautiful and the candle long lasting. I try to always produce a candle that is excellent quality but also good value and many of my candles come in containers that be be used again indefinitely!

In-laws, horns and Polenta cake from Dragon Den`s Kitty O`Byrnes

In-laws, horns and Polenta cake


My very lovely in-laws have a marvelous expression which usually pops up late at night. Playing cards. Trying to win. Certainly trying not to lose.

It goes like this ‘I’m on the horns of a dilemma‘. It is the most perfect expression really that just about sums up many situations.

And that’s exactly where I was earlier today. I had lots of boring grown up things to do like housework, admin and filing. Tons of filing! None of which are much fun on a Bank Holiday weekend.

Especially when the sun is shining. Even more so when it’s been raining all week.

But rather than getting stuck in, I was stuck and distracted!

This distraction was rather loudly screaming from my kitchen in the form of a new bag of polenta and a punnet of bulging blueberries. They were totally in cahoots with each other in a bid to drag me away from grown-up-stuff! Add to this the fresh pot of much loved Greek yogurt in the fridge and olive oil in the cupboard and I was bursting to put them all together.

As they say in my in-laws house, I was totally on the horns of a dilemma.

I didn’t know quite what I wanted to make. All I knew was that I wanted something gluten free, moist and dense, not overly-sweet with those beautiful plump blueberries bleeding through whatever it was I was yet to make. There was still the issue of the things I needed to get done. But here’s the thing, guilt is truly a waste of energy and sure it would take less energy anyway to get something in the oven!

So after a very grown up self-talking-to, I realised, the work would go so much sweeter with something lovely to nibble on.

I dug out my measuring cups, a joy when I really don’t wish to measure things (one less thing to do) and with a bit of hopeful culinary calculations, I reckoned the following would work.


Polenta cake ~the how to:-

Mix 3 eggs, 3/4 cup olive oil and 1 cup yogurt (I used Greek) and add to dry ingredients

Dry 1 cup each of polenta, ground almonds, desiccated coconut and caster sugar – mix well

Pour the batter into a 9″ greased lined tin over a scattering of blueberries

Top with more blueberries. Middle shelf, 170c for 30 mins. Cool in tin, dust with icing sugar!


I sometimes like to syrup cakes but glad I didn’t do that here as this cake really is moist. The mix of coconut and ground almonds with the polenta give a textured crumb, so if fluffy is your thing, this cake may not be for you. Having said that, this is surprisingly light and where I would often be looking for a dollop or two of cream, it’s really not needed here.


So did I get all my jobs done? Nope besides, tomorrow is another day and I have plenty of cake to keep me going. Horns packed way and today’s dilemma solved 

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A selection of whats coming from Kitty’s kitchen…SOON

Kittys Sauces...


We say hello to Aedín part of the duo Mini and Mum

Hello! My name is Aedín. I’m a perpetual 17 year old trapped in an unobliging ageing body. As such I still haven’t figured out what it is I’ll do when I grow up and am very open to suggestions!
I started this blog as a way of dealing with the fact that my first born child arrived into this world carrying a little something extra. A little something that society has not always looked favourably on-an extra chromosome on the 21st chromosomal pairing, or put another way she has Down syndrome.

I grieved for the “perfect child” faith had so cruelly denied me; threw tantrums and sulked with the universe until one day, the tiny adult voice of reason inside me I normally have silenced by endless reruns of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and mountains of Toffy Pops said very clearly:

Yes she has Down syndrome, but that’s not going to stop her from running, jumping, dancing, singing and living life to the full. It’s just going to take a little longer to achieve than for her peers but she’s clearly amazing so how about you get to know this amazing little person you helped create. How about forgetting what she can’t do and enjoy the things she can do. She may surprise you.

And she does every day. She is what I imagine every toddler to be like- full of love and enormous fun. Except when she’s wearing her super cranky pants. Then she’s a bit of a pain to be honest.

Thank you to everyone for stopping by and having a bit of an old perusal and if you like what you read, you can catch some more of my musings here on

We loved the blog called The Power of Words from Aedin so had to share

A short and sweet blog post this week about the magic of words. How we use them makes a big impact on even the smallest of our day to day dealings with other human beings.The right words can bring an instant smile to our faces, the wrong ones can cause the mental defences to be raised and negativity to shroud our conversations.

I was at a hospital appointment this week and an indepth medical history was being taken by the nurse. One such question was did I have any kids, leading to what ages they were and did they have an illness or disability. My reply was “Mini, age 2,Down syndrome” while I braced myself for a possibly well meaning yet horribly ignorant standard sympathethic response. Instead the nurse surprised and delighted me by taking a different route.
“And how is she getting on?I bet she’s getting into everything.”

“Yes, she is,” I replied, relief flooding through me as me mental defences stood down.

“I bet she’s not letting it stop her in any way.”

Damn right she isn’t.

Things You Need Before Baby Arrives Blog Share from Bumps n Babies

Blog Share from

Things You Need Before Baby Arrives!!

We’ve narrowed it down to 8 items that are must haves before the Big Day.

1. Child car-restraint

The Standard is one of the world’s strictest, and all available car restraints meet it. You’ll need a rear-facing restraint to start with (from newborn to 9 kgs), which must be correctly installed.
What to look for:

  • Easy to install and use
  • Compatible with many vehicle types
  • Good range of harness adjustment

Safety tip: Always use the recommended restraint for your child’s age and weight. Don’t change the restraint style too early.

2. Cot or Moses Basket

Moses Baskets are quickly outgrown, but many parents find them useful because of their mobility. Ensure it fits properly on the stand and that the wheels if there are wheels are lockable.

Cots are more than beds. They’re a place where your baby will sleep, play – and, eventually, climb out of. What to look for:

Cots are more than beds. They’re a place where your baby will sleep, play – and, eventually, climb out of. What to look for:

  • Sturdy, quality materials, a smooth finish
  • Check for loose screws, sharp corners, knots in the wood, cracks, splinters
  • Mattress must be firm and tight-fitting, with no gaps
  • Childproof locking device, with clearly distinct locked and unlocked modes.

3. Changing table (Not a Neccessity)

Babies go through at least 10 nappies a day, so you need to feel comfortable, without bending, and with everything you need to hand. Available styles range from sturdy permanent ones to light fold-up ones.

  • Choose one with convenient shelves, storage for baby clothes and a washable pad.
  • Ensure collapsible frames are firmly locked before use. Many babies are injured rolling off change tables.

Look for a model that has:

  • Strap-on restraints
  • Roll-off protection: raised sides or rails

Safety tip: Never leave a baby unattended on a table, even to grab something from across the room or answer a phone. Always take them with you.

4. Bedding

Small babies need very little in the way of bedding. Use sheets and blankets that can be tucked-in tightly. Choose fitted sheets and lightweight blankets in cotton.

5. Stroller

Strollers range from sports models to classic carriages, but the basic types are:

  • Pram with Buggy – a pram/stroller combo
  • Umbrella strollers that fold up easily
  • Layback strollers – drop-down back rests
  • 3-wheeler strollers
  • Doubles: side-by-side or front-to-back.

What’s best for you? Ask yourself:

  • Are there lots of footpaths and steps where I live? Will it negotiate supermarket aisles? Will I take it jogging or walking?
  • Will it fit in the car boot easily? Does it fold up easily for getting on the bus?

6. Baby bath

Yes, you can wash your baby at the kitchen sink, but many first-time mothers find that modern feature-laden baby baths give them more confidence when handling a slippery baby. These come with safety nets, supports, temperature gauges and so on, to help a mum through the first months.

7. Monitor & night-light

On the baby unit, look for:

  • Mains and battery operation
  • Night light if you need one

On the parent unit, look for:

  • Belt-clip, mains and battery operation
  • Volume control
  • Light display to indicate sound levels

8. Baby clothes & accessories

  • 6 nighties or jumpsuits, 4 tops, 6 singlets or body suits
  • Hand mitts, socks/booties,
  • Lightweight cotton wraps in muslin or flannelette.
  • Nappies: 2-3 dozen cloth or disposables (60-80 per week)
  • 2 soft towels, 4 burping towels
  • Nappy-changing products: cotton balls, sudocream, baby wipes
  • Bottles, teats, sterilising kit.

Bumpsnbabies Maternity & Childrenswear

Welcome to Bumps’n’Babies

My name is Catherine and its my pleasure to introduce you to Bumps ‘n’ Babies Maternity Wear & Childrens Wear online store.The inspriation behind came after the birth of our three children.

You will find quality, affordable Maternity & Nursing Clothing. Maternity Occasion Dresses for all occasions . From babies to toddlers you will see popular brands from  Hatley Rainwear, Emile et Rose & more. Our personalised Christening Candles are made to order & Baby Hampers delivered Nationwide, Baby Changing Bags are from the very popular Kalecom. Now stocking a range ofPremature & Tiny Baby Clothing.

Take a browse throughout our store in the event you have a query let me know !

New Showroom is now open near Cork, Come and see our beautiful range of Maternity Clothing & Childrenswear. Make your appointment by phoning 085-8193469.


Procrastination ..And Why It’s Not About Time Management

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Procrastination is not a time management issue, it’s a confidence issue.  Recently I had a speech to prepare for my local Toastmasters club but I postponed it as I was just too busy with work…or so I thought.  Not presenting my speech and  watching the deadline come and go frustrated me and was on my mind for some time  afterwards.

Yes, I was under pressure at work but I discovered this wasn’t the real issue.  I had chosen a topic for my speech that I now realise I wasn’t entirely comfortable with and so I kept postponing getting started.  My lack of confidence with the speech topic caused me to procrastinate and not achieve what I had set out to do.

It’s not about Time…it’s about Confidence. One of the main reasons for procrastination is we tend to avoid those areas where we lack confidence or we have achieved poor results in the past.  But instead of avoiding a particular area we need to identify it as a weak link and address it with an action plan for getting better, especially when it’s an area where we want to see specific results.  It’s important to know your weakest link because it’s often the weakest link that will determine our overall level of performance.  This is easily understood in terms of say sport or personal fitness but less so in relation to personal development, business or career development because it’s more difficult to spot.  Putting something off for another day doesn’t seem too bad at the time – there’s no real or immediate impact.  But then a little something called the compound effect eventually creeps up on us and we find ourselves underperforming and feeling frustrated.

Playing to your strengths and knowing your core expertise is one of the best ways of avoiding procrastination.  This is why when you have key results to achieve it’s so important to know what your weakest link is and have a plan to get better at it. When we’re doing something we’re good at we’re far less likely to procrastinate, we’re motivated and we learn far more quickly in this area.  Sticking to something you know and are good at when starting a business can reduce the risk of business failure by as much as 50%.

Know your core expertise, work it and build on it.  This is a key element of our approach atThinktwice.  Our innovative training programmes and workshops help people identify and put in place the core fundamentals in order to build and grow their businesses