New Member Yvonne Gerhards – My Cherished Kids Clothes


Yvonne is the owner of the online store for high quality preloved children’s clothes. You can find high quality brands like Jacadi, Gant, Ralph Lauren and many more.

Having lived in Germany, Spain, France and Switzerland before moving to Ireland Yvonne Isabel has a multilingual background. Staying in Switzerland she came across several boutiques selling high quality second hand designer kids clothes. She liked this approach and the excitement when finding a pretty dress at a bargain price. And raising three children herself keeping expenses within reason is an important factor.

Why not introducing this concept as an online experience to Ireland? This is the idea behind MyCherishedKidsClothes which is based in Clonskeagh, Dublin 14, Ireland.

Recently I am started to represent the company Yuunic from Germany who are known for beautiful wooden highchairs.

To find in my online store www . mycherishedkidsclothes . com


I am always looking for great brands to sell via my store. If you would like to earn some money you are more than welcome to sell them in my online shop.

If you have more questions about my business please contact me. Always happy to hear from you.

Clonskeagh Dublin 14

www . mycherishedkidsclothes . com

http ://twitter . com/yvonne_gerhards

http ://www . facebook . com/mycherishedkidsclothes

New Member Lynne founder of new biz Buttons and Bows Boutique



Buttons & Bows Boutique is my “new baby”


Here at Buttons & Bows Boutique you will find beautiful baby and toddler clothing & accessories at affordable prices. Our ranges are in sizes from New Born to School Starting ages. We also offer a wide range of beautiful Baby Gifts, Disney & Character wear and something a bit different – something special. We want you to have an enjoyable online shopping experience with us and for you to love our store and its beautiful ranges.

I set up my online store for 2 simple reasons, the first to be able to work flexible hours allowing me to be close by to my little toddler Emily and the second because I felt Ireland needs a baby and toddler online clothing store offering variety, quality and affordability through a friendly easy to use set up.

I have always been a keen online shopper, I love nothing more than the postman/courier arriving at my front door with something new that I have recently ordered, that was until I had my first baby! As a first time mum all I wanted to buy was beautiful things for my beautiful baby but I found the options for online shopping for baby clothes limited and in most cases very expensive. So the idea for Buttons & Bows Boutique slowly started from there.

Now that my baby has turned into my toddler I found the same issue buying toddler clothing online so Buttons & Bows Boutique is offering a range from New Born to School Starting ages.

Based in the Sunny South East, we are 100% Irish owned and Independent. We are brand new and offering a range of items that bit different. We want to give customers that same love of their parcel arriving at their front door.

Phone +353 53 9102477





New Member Sheila Carrasco founder of Taweret Mum and Baby Shop


My name is Sheila Carrasco, I was born in Reus (Spain).I am happily married and recently became mother of my sweet baby girl, Emma.

 Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had, and dealing with fears you didn’t know existed. And that’s the reason why I got the courage to quit my job and decide to spend most of my time with my baby, while trying to help mums to breastfeed comfortably everywhere they go (in & out),feeling pretty, happy and loved.

Here I am introducing you to an original and funky selection of nursing (and maternity) wear which I hope you like and find useful, as much as I do! and my business name is Taweret.

I am also bringing beautifully handcrafted light ring slings, together with the coolest footmuffs, covers and canopies you may had ever seen.

Most of the products offered are designed and manufactured in Barcelona, vibrant city synonym of innovation and designtogether with tradition and quality – values that I would like to represent in everything we do.

 Our brand name refers to the ancient Egyptian goddess of maternity and childbirth, protector of women and children, who used to be represented by a female hippo (like our logo one)


www . taweret . net

http ://twitter . com/TaweretNet

http ://www . facebook . com/taweret . net

New Member Virtue Naa Ayeley Shine – founder of Emerald and Wax


My name is Virtue Naa Ayeley Shine, I live Galway.

I am originally from Ghana in West Africa. I was born in the capital Accra and lived there until my early teens at which time I moved to New York with my mother and brother.
About 3 years ago I moved to Galway with my husband and what was then, my small(er) family. We now have four boys.

I am a self-taught ‘crafter’ and designer and a fierce fashionista. It all started when I took up knitting, a very hip New York pastime and perfect for those long subway commutes. I then decided I’d like to move on to sewing. I bought my very first sewing machine in a little craft store in Brooklyn called Daisy’s without having any real knowledge of what sewing entailed. All I had was the drive to learn and a love for the craft.

My influences are wide ranging and start with visiting the fabric stalls in Ma kola market in Accra when I was a very young girl. I am particularly influenced by African fabrics, the stories that the many hundreds of different prints tell, the positive influence it has on women in particular and the many different styles of attire that these fabrics embrace. For example, wrap skirts, which have a simplicity that almost requires no effort on the part of the wearer because the fabrics themselves combine beautiful and vibrant colours and designs that lend a simple elegance. I also take some fashion inspiration from New York in terms of a sense that ‘anything is possible’ and the notion of mixing things up while maintaining a high sense of style.

Indeed style is very important to me and ultimately I want to apply a high degree of craftsmanship to produce very stylish wares and accessories. My ideas are many and are constantly in flux which makes my work that bit more interesting for me and hopefully this is also something that comes through in what I make.

I produce a range of crafts all of my own designs and including skirts, bags, clutches, and cushion covers.

In the last year or so I have put a lot of time in to learning my craft and fine tuning my ideas.
Then last May I started Emerald and Wax, in my kitchen taking over our dinning table and then later as my online store. Emerald and Wax is in its infancy and I’m learning all about what it means to have an online ‘presence’. It has given me a great opportunity to showcase my wares and helped to get in touch both with many other ‘crafters’ and also people who love handmade crafts.

http ://www . facebook . com/emeraldandwax . 4tinyshines?ref=tn_tnmn

New Member Suzie Evans – Toys and Games


Toys and Games

My name is Suzie Evans and I opened this online toy shop in 2014. I have two little girls who love toys and I had been a stay at home mum to them for five years. Then, my children started school and I wanted to stretch my brain, get paid and stay busy, but I didn’t want to be tied into a job that meant I ‘d miss collecting my children from school or doing fun things with them in the afternoons. So, with advice from several very encouraging friends and a very supportive husband, I decided to open my own online toy shop.

I wanted to stock quality toys for reasonable prices. Wooden toys that will last past one child (and maybe even into next generations); educational toys and kits that will make learning fun; and creative kits that will bring out natural talents in children and which they can show off the end product to their friends and family.

I have chosen toys and games which I feel my girls and their friends would really love. I really hope you find that your children love them too! I believe that the toys stocked in my shop make a refreshing alternative to the heavily branded and advertised plastic-ware that many toy shops stock. I really believe in the toys I stock and know that they will pretty much sell themselves. Their quality and development, educational and play value make them super gifts.


Enjoy browsing and feel free to contact me with suggestions of toys which you think I should stock as I’m always on the lookout for lovely toys and games.







New Member Aine Breen founder of Liwu Jewellery


My name is Aine Breen and I created Liwu Jewellery while struggling to find my way in a new world that I had been thrown into. I am Irish and moved to China with my husband in 2011. I gave up my much-loved job and life in Dublin to support his career in Beijing.

My designs are the product of finding meaning in this new world. At first, the way people acted and their manner puzzled me and sometimes offended me. I was in a way suffering from culture shock – the vast numbers of people, traffic, and difficulty in communicating even when the person spoke perfect English. However, once I started examining the ancient characters (and even the simplified version used in every day life), I realised the richness of the Chinese language. In many ways, the Chinese save face and cannot express to each other their emotions in spoken word. In contrast the written word i.e. the characters used in Chinese language are so rich and full of meaning. Chinese people, for example, do not say ‘I love you’ to a lover. This is because of a need to ‘save face’ and because ‘love’ is regarded as such a highly emotional state.

I always appreciated delicate fine jewellery and my favourite piece was a simple necklace that just said ‘love’. I like to make a subtle statement with my jewellery. For many people, jewellery is a form of expression. Jewellery allows expressions through words and symbolism and for individuals to make a statement. Liwu jewellery incorporates Chinese calligraphy and allows individuals to make a statement and express themselves in a very subtle manner. Many pieces incorporate Chinese wishes, beliefs and also just simple words from their language. It is a collection of my favourites which I picked up from individuals I met, Chinese culture books I read, Chinese language classes and of course, my calligraphy teacher, Paul Wang.

‘Liwu’ means gift in Chinese. All pieces come with a beautiful box and a ‘meaning card’ containing an explanation of what the characters mean.

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phone: +353857633900



New Member Chroí Bán is owned and run by Amanda Lucas


Chroí Bán offers modern handmade Irish jewellery, designed and handcrafted in Ireland. Each piece is made to a very high standard with a wide variety of styles on offer.

Chroí Bán is owned and run by Amanda Lucas. Chroí Bán offers handmade Irish jewellery for women, men and children with an affordable price tag. 100% Irish designed and made custom pieces are readily accommodated with new items being added all the time. Just get in touch to find out more.

Clodagh Black Aoife Hematite IMG_6386

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Get in touch by emailing or call Amanda on 086-8710018

New Member Tracie Gray founder of Silver Bling Jewellery


silverbling sterling silver jewellery logo

I have over 15 years experience specialising in Sterling Silver Jewellery in the retail sector, in the family we have 2 goldsmiths, a diamond setter and a watch maker.

Sterling Silver Hollow Round Child's Bracelet


We are based in Churchtown, Dublin. Stock can be delivered locally or delivered into town, as stock is bought to order I am afraid collections are not possible.

Freshwater Pearl & Crystal Sterling Silver Pendant


Our aim is to bring the service and quality of a family run business to the internet, we can source specific items or help with any queries you might have regarding almost anything jewellery and watch related.

Jewellery Gift Certificate

We are one of the few web sites to offer a year round “xmas club”. There are no extra fees or charges, place a deposit on your items, pay off at your convenience and we will deliver the goods when they are fully paid for.

Delicate Slim Ladies Cubic Zirconia Ring

Please contact us if you would like more details or have any questions, our customers are important to us and we do everything we possibly can to ensure you will be happy with your products and our services.

Delicate CZ Stone Silver Belcher Bracelet


www . silverbling . ie

http ://twitter . com/silverblingie

http ://www . facebook . com/silverbling . ie



Dublin 14

Tel no:- 085 -7637799

Bus Reg:- 457908

New Member Mira Mira founded by Bronwyn Thomson


Logo mira

“At Mira Mira, we’re passionate about fair trade. That’s because it bypasses multinational corporations and gives a fair share straight back to local communities – directly benefiting and improving people’s lives.

Since we began in 2003, we’ve travelled the globe sourcing great value, high-quality fair trade gifts. Thailand, India, Bali, China, Kenya, Mali, South Africa, Indonesia, Pakistan, Peru – in ten years Mira Mira has become a window on the world!

mira 1 mira 2 Mira 3

Original, eye-catching and bursting with character – we’ve got the perfect present for every occasion. And remember, our stock is changing all the time. So if you like what you see, drop in or call us and we’ll be happy to tell you about the latest gifts gracing our shelves!”

Bronwyn Thomson – Founder, Mira Mira

Our Product range

Mira Mira offers something different to surprise and delight that special someone or to mark that special occasion. Whether you’re shopping for toddlers or teens, grandparents or partners, at Mira Mira you’re sure to find that unique gift that stands out from the crowd.

From weddings to house-warmings, baby showers to birthdays, at Mira Mira we’ve got a gift for every occasion. Or if you simply want to say ‘Thank You’ or ‘I Love You,’ we’ve got the perfect item to make that certain someone feel extra special.

New home owners will love our range of original household items and colourful, creative accessories.  Max Benjamin’s stunning scented candles handmade in Co Wicklow are the perfect present for any candle lover.

We stock an extensive range of cool baby and toddler clothing brands as well as sensitive all-natural skincare products for all the family.  Babies favourites ‘Sophie Le Giraffe’ from France and ‘FLATOUTbears’ from Australia are great presents for new babies.

Check out our on line gift selection, or get in touch and we’d be happy to chat through some options with you.  In store we stock Moulin Roty and Djeco from France and a selection of the stunning Danish brand Rice – if items are available in season we can even place specific orders for you.

We hope you enjoy shopping at Mira Mira and please do get in touch if you are looking for something specific, we have many suppliers all over the world and are happy to help you find what you are looking for.


Twitter: miramiradublin

Facebook: miramiradublin

New Member Valerie Totman of Captain Tortue Ladies & Childrenswear


Joining Captain Tortue enabled me to work part-time and enjoy a better work/life balance.

I choose when and where I want to work, giving flexibility to grow my business around my family. Independent Consultants choose to keep part time hours or build a career. Training and support is free. You don’t need previous experience, just to love clothes and enjoy meeting people. The opportunity is yours to keep it part time or to build a team and take the Career Path.

Captain Tortue offers a casual clothing brand to suit your lifestyle whatever stage you’re at! Quirky details and high quality fabrics without the designer price tag you might expect!  Designed by our stylists in France, our collections are for children, aged 12 months to 16 years, and for the everyday woman (from size UK 6 to 20).

We think you should enjoy shopping when it suits you. That’s why we bring our Style Shows to you. We share tips on how to wear the latest trends, how to style with colour and how to dress for your shape and size – making sure you get a perfect fit. We think fashion is fun. We love the buzz of a room full of women trying out new looks and style ideas on each other.

With most of the UK and Ireland still to be developed, this is a huge opportunity to join now. There are two seasons of collections with Captain Tortue – Spring/Summer (Feb-July) and Autumn/Winter (Aug – Jan) but you choose within those time frames how many of those months you wish to be active.

Join for as little as €250 and get €4,000 worth of products, free stationary, hangers, promo material.
Opportunity to earn your collection for FREE plus your commission. I am 7 years with Captain Tortue this April and have enjoyed two trips to the South of France, numerous meetings to the UK as I am now Manager and this year won trip to St. Tropez…



Galway and Nationwide