New Member The Glamour Box founded by Joyce Myler

The Glamour Box is a salon which specialises in the most desirable and up to date nail make-up and beauty treatments available. We aim to provide a quality service delivered with warmth and friendliness at a competitive price. To help you feel extraordinary every day and ensure that you, our client, is 100% happy with every aspect of you treatment.

From our Little Princess Parties & mini manicures to our Wedding Packages & Shellac treatments we cater for ladies of all ages ūüôā No babysitter? Dont worry, children are always welcome and we will provide colouring books to help entertain them while mummy gets some well deserved pampering

  • Main Street
  • Wicklow Carnew
Phone 085 160 6187

New Member Cakebits – say hello

Welcome to Cakebits Online Cake Decoration Store. We deliver great quality cake decorations and decorating supplies at reasonable prices. We stock a large range of edible cake decorations and sprinkles. Check back often to see our growing range.

At Cakebits we’re all about bringing you great quality cake decorations for you to decorate your cakes and bakes with.

Our decorations bring you a perfect combination of easy and impressive.

We are here to bring you some cake decorations that will bring a smile to your face when you use them.

We’ve got the cutest little sugar animals and sugar eyes to bring life to any character. Splashes of coloured sugar and sprinkles of brightly coloured sugar strands.

Colour your own cakes and icings with the colours of the rainbow with some food colouring pastes.

For an extra touch we have metallic wires and dragees to add some BLING to your baking.

Whatever the occasion we have Cakebits to match.

All at reasonable prices too.

All Edible: In this section you will find our great value edible sugar items including ready to roll fondant, edible piped cupcake toppers, sugar cake topper decorations, sugar and sprinkles of all colours and edible ink pens.

sugar animal face toppers

Ready to roll icing comes in a wide variety of colours.  The colours we sell can all be combines to create an endless amount of colour variations.  Our handy colour mix chart shows some of the colours possible.

ready to roll fondant

Edible decorations allow you to co-ordinate your cakes and bakes to any occasion.  All made from sugar, these cake decorations are great on buns, cupcakes, cakes and desserts.

marine animals sugar toppers

Bring cakes alive with an edible cake topper.

Our range includes elephants, tigers, lions, cows, chickens, frogs and our under the sea friends too.

From a Circus Master and his clowns, Snow White and her 7 dwarfs to Pirates and their treasure we have a cake topper set for every occasion.

snow white and the 7 dwarfs

Sprinkles, Sugars, Sparkles and Dragees bring the colour and imagination to cake decoration.  Simply sprinkle onto your cakes or place using edible glue to secure into more organised designs.  Edible sparkles are completely safe to eat and bring shine to your cakes

pink butterfly sprinkles

Edible Ink Pens allow for instant personalisation on your cakes.  Simply use like a normal pen, our edible ink pens come with both a thin and thick nib.

edible ink thick nibedible ink thin nib

Cake pops are the latest craze in the cake world. Cake on a stick!  We all you need from cake pop sticks, bags, sprinkles and decorations.

cake pop eye decorations

Edible cake toppers
Colour fondants ready to roll icing
edible sugar decorations
Sugar cake toppers
Sugar sprinkles
edible ink pen nibs
Cake pop accessories and decorations

Cake Decoration: In this section you will find our range of non edible cake decorations.  From Claydough novelty cake toppers, baking cases, cupcake wraps to decorating ribbon and colourful curling wires.

golfer claydough topper

Claydough Cake Toppers¬†are an instant ‚Äúfinish‚ÄĚ to any cake. ¬†After the cake is eaten these claydough toppers can be kept as keepsakes of the occasion or be re used for future cakes.

gardener woman claydough decoration

Baking cases and cupcake wraps.  We only stock good quality baking cases that hold their colours during the baking process.  We have a wide variety of colours and designs available.

red baking case with white snowflake

Ribbons and trims add a professional finish to your cakes.  Use ribbons around the cake itself and around the cake board for a polished finish.

Curling wires add a flourish of colour to any special occasion cake.

Accessories: In this section you will find our great value cake decorating accessories.  Piping bags and nozzles, texture rolling pins, cutting and design tools and cake cards.

polka dot cake card

Edible supplies : Essential for the home baker wanting to achieve great looking cakes.  We stock edible glue, confectioners glaze, tylo powder, cake release, rejuvenator fluid and petal base.

Tylo powder

Our Cutter section include the fantastic Clikstixrange of shape, alphabet and number cutters that allow you to create your own decorations and designs for your cakes.  Cookie and fondant cutters also available here.

All Things Baby – our new member say hello

All Things Baby is an Irish Online Baby Shop. You will find products for everything from pre-conception to maternity, essentials for new parents, gift ideas, gadgets and much more. We hope to make life as easy as possible for you by providing a place were you can find all your baby essentials quickly and easily. If you are on the lookout for something a little different for your baby or are searching for that special baby gift which you can’t find on the high street then you have come to the right place.

We offer Free Delivery throughout Ireland on all orders that are ‚ā¨50 or over.

As we are based in Drogheda we offer Free Delivery on all orders in Drogheda. Please contact me by email for the discount code to avail of Free Delivery.

Here at All Things Baby an Irish online business we aim to offer a convenient, simple and easy to use online shopping boutique to meet all your baby needs from preconception to preparing for your newborn bundle of joy coming home and beyond.

Since the arrival of my little boy Dominic, I had realised that there is a need in the irish marketplace for a better range of baby products. More sophisticated, stylish and unique yet affordable in these harder economic times.

We have researched dilligently what is currently available to consumers in Ireland over the past 2 years to help us identify what we believe are some of the best products out there.

If you can’t find what you are looking for on our site please Contact Us and I will do my best to source it for you as quickly as possible.

We aim to keep our prices keenly competitive and we are confident that you will always get value for money from all our products.

Thank you for shopping at All Things Baby, we really appreciate your business. If you have any feedback or suggestions about how we might improve your online shopping experience; please do not hesitate to¬†Contact Us. We are always glad to hear from our customers…


If you need to get in touch or need help with your order please contact me by email at or by phone on 0873697627


Baby Body Fit DVD

Baby Body Fit have just produced a Pre and Post Natal Exercise DVD, the very first of it’s kind to be made in Ireland!

Pre and post natal exercise DVD

This DVD is made up of a 40 minute prenatal workout, followed by a 40 minute postnatal workout. Both exercise sessions on the DVD are safe and effective, and have been used in all Baby Body Fit classes for almost 2 years.

The prenatal section of the DVD takes women through a pregnancy specific workout, in which they can stick to a level that suits them. We use exercises to strengthen and tone muscles, as well a light, low intensity, safe level of cardio. This is very different to prenatal yoga or pilates, in that it is an actual exercise session, designed just for pregnant women.

The postnatal section of the DVD is a calorie burning workout, focusing on weight loss, muscle, strength and core building and fat burning. Again, there are different levels of intensity for women to choose from, so they can do the workout at their own pace.

Throughout both workouts, we use dynabands (exercise resistance bands) or dumbbells. If you don’t have either dynabands or dumbbells, you can use a couple of tins or beans. We also have dynabands available to purchase with the DVD.


Helping mums in business? check out Cute Honey

From Frazzled Mummy to Cute Honey

Raise Your Children & Buzz Your Business

Have it ALL!!!

Mairead Kelly – expert mum in business trainer –

Are you a Mum with a business?

*  Have you got small children that still demand quite a lot of your time?

*  Are you feeling like you need help with your business?

*¬†¬†Do you find yourself doing or thinking of business things while spending¬†‚Äúquality‚Ä̬†time with your children?

*¬† Too often do you find your mind drifting to what your children are up to while you are‚Äúworking‚Ä̬†on your business?

*  How often do you find that juggling both Mummy time & business time is a niggling struggle?

*  Are you feeling isolated because you find it difficult to get out to meet other business owners?

*  Do you want/need other Mumpreneurs to bounce ideas off & get support from?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you would seriously benefit from a Cute Honey© programme

Cute Honey is a series of business training, coaching and mentoring programmes for Mumpreneurs to help them buzz their business into a hive of productivity and growth while raising their children.  The initial programme Cute Honey Lite is a three-hour morning or evening group training session.  Places are limited and each group is kept small to ensure maximum benefit for every Mumpreneur who attends.

Check the Events page for upcoming dates


Our new Cute Honey Lite Home Study Course for Mumpreneurs who would prefer to train from the comfort of their own home

There is a nine-module structure within the Cute Honey business trainings, each designed with proven techniques to buzz the business of any Mumpreneur into a hive of productivity and growth. We cover areas such as:

Business planning

Time management

Goal setting

Confidence building

To name a few.  All of these modules will help each Mumpreneur add value to the service or product she offers her clients and customers.

As we want each Mumpreneur to get the very best benefit from our trainings we deliberately keep numbers within each group to a certain number.  We find that it invariably results in creating a network within the group of attendees and the added bonus of socialisation, peer support, understanding and feedback.

For prices and further information fill in the form on the right. You will also get access to our FREE e-book Mumpreneur Types.

We also have Cute Honey Hive which is a follow-on group training programme and is suitable for Mumpreneurs who have a business up and running successfully and need to develop a strategic workable set of plans to grow it further.

For those Mumpreneurs who would prefer a more personalised service are our one-to-one mentoring programmes.  Depending on how much time you can commit to you can choose from the Cute Honey Pupa which is a three-month programme for those who have never had business mentoring and want to dip their toe into the water and try it out.

There is also the Cute Honey Princess which is a six-month programme or the Cute Honey Queen which is our twelve-month programme.  Both of these mentoring programmes come with a business breakthrough session and monthly coaching sessions.

What Others Said

Cute Honey Lite

“I am Sarah.¬† I attended your Cute Honey Lite course in Cork a while ago. As you may remember I am in the middle of wedding preparations also for our summer wedding.¬† But I would like to thank you so very much for the information and advice you shared with me on the course.¬† Now that we have lulled a bit with wedding preparations I am back full stride with our business and I am following the manual like a bible.¬† The business knowledge you share astounds me and I am overwhelmed with your sense of freedom to help others like me.¬† I thank you for the invaluable knowledge I have gained from attending your course and I look forward to corresponding with you again in future courses you may hold in Cork.¬† Thanking you again, Sarah.”

~ Sarah Moloney


“I attended one of Mair√©ad’s¬†Cute Honey Lite¬†courses.¬† I was really looking forward to it and I wasn’t disappointed.¬† Mair√©ad is the type of person you need in your corner when you are muddling through trying to make a lot of decisions.¬† I loved the way she was able, almost without you realising, change the way you think or look at a particular problem.¬† In fact I know Mair√©ad sees all problems as challenges.¬†

I made some decisions shortly after the course which have all proved to be the right ones.  I was torn between being a bead seller and a jewellery designer.  Putting the designing on hold while I develop the bead business was a hard decision to make but with the clarity and focus I gained from the course I felt I had more confidence to make that decision.  And hey presto the beads are selling like hot cakes and the ideas for jewellery designs are flowing and being jotted down for when I get the creative space to develop this area. 

I am much more focused since I did the course and I feel that I am now finally on track!¬† I would highly recommend a session with Mair√©ad.¬† If you are feeling a bit stuck or just need some straight talking advice Mair√©ad is who you need to be talking to.”

~ Mary Drea


It is Cake Bomb Day ? – must be ! read more about the great products

What we do

DemoOur gourmet CakeBombs are delicious chocolate truffle cake, mixed with ganache, then hand rolled, dipped in the best belgian chocolate, sprinkled with something special all sitting happily on a lolly stick. They come in 6 signature chocolaty flavours, 2 dark, 2 milk and 2 white.

Our gourmet Treats are a selection of yummy Munchie Bar (our unique chocolate biscuit cake), fluffy Melting Moments and luscious Belgian Brownies.

All our CakeBombs and Treats are hand baked, using the finest quality ingredients including couverture Belgian chocolate and Irish butter.

Individually wrapped, our CakeBombs and Treats come in gift boxes of 6 or 12 delivered direct to your door. They are the perfect way to indulge and share, a unique way to say something sweet.

Who we are

Self confessed foodie, Debbie first learned to bake in her Mother’s kitchen and just like her Mum did, she loves to cook and bake for family and friends. A little over 4 years ago, Debbie began designing and making cakes from birthdays to wedding, classic to quirky. A passionate hobby that quickly grew for baking and all things Sweet! After becoming a mum herself in 2010, Debbie decided to take the plunge and start her own business. CakeBombs was born and launched in December 2011.

Cakebombs Flavours

Choco~Bomb РChocolate truffle cake, chocolate ganache, dipped in dark chocolate, sprinkled with grated chocolate
Orange~Bomb¬†–¬†Orange drizzle cake, chocolate ganache, dipped in dark chocolate, sprinkled with chocolate gravel
Nutty~Bomb¬†–¬†Chocolate nut cake, chocolate ganache, dipped in milk chocolate, sprinkled with toasted nuts
Caramel~Bomb¬†–¬†Chocolate caramel cake, chocolate ¬†ganache, dipped in milk chocolate, sprinkled with grated chocolate
Vanilla~Bomb¬†–¬†Vanilla cake, chocolate ganache, dipped in white chocolate, sprinkled with toasted coconut
Lemon~Bomb¬†–¬†Lemon drizzle cake, chocolate ganache, dipped in white chocolate, sprinkled with grated chocolate

Chocolate Treats…

Munchie Bar – Belgian chocolate biscuit cake, topped with our special crunchy chocolate gravel
Melting Moment – Chocolate biscuits, sandwiched with a light and tasty raspberry cream
Belgian Brown – A luscious Belgian chocolate brownie, pure & simple

At CakeBombs, we are proud to be Irish and we strive to support other Irish suppliers.

Shop Online


half doz box

ChocoCrisp – Special Offer

Crisps have long been one of the ‘extra’ ingredients in our best selling Munchie Bar, so we’ve totally upped the Crisps to bring you the real deal for all you Chocolate & Crisp lovers out there…want some??.




half doz box
Munchie BarOur best selling divine chocolate biscuit cake – sheer heaven topped with our insane chocolate gravel.
Chocolate Melting MomentMelt-in-your-mouth chocolate biscuit and raspberry cream This little biscuit is free from eggs!


Belgian BrownieOur decadent Belgian chocolate brownies ~ no nuts just honest to goodness chocolate!

Treats Combination Box

Combination Treats Gift BoxFor those who like a little of everything (and why not?)
6 box ~ two of each flavour
12 box ~ four of each flavour.


Lemon CakeBombZingy lemon truffle cake, ganache,
white chocolate dipped, white chocolate sprinkles.
Vanilla CakeBombVanilla truffle cake, ganache, white chocolate dipped, toasted coconut sprinkles.
Caramel CakeBombCaramel truffle cake, ganache, milk chocolate dipped, milk chocolate sprinkles.
Nutty CakeBombNut truffle cake, ganache, milk chocolate dipped, toasted nut sprinkles.
dark chocolate
Chocolate CakeBombDark chocolate truffle cake, ganache, dark chocolate dipped, dark chocolate sprinkles.
chocolate orange
Chocolate Orange CakeBombOrange truffle cake, ganache, dark chocolate dipped and a sprinkle of our insane chocolate gravel

Combination Box

CakeBombs Selection BoxWhen you just can’t (or don’t want to) choose!!
6 Box ~ one of each flavour
12 box ~ two of each flavour.


Cakebombs/Treats Gift Boxes

– Orders are delivered Tuesday through Friday (collection option from Dublin available – contact Debbie on 086 101 0055 to discuss)
~ In the event that no one is available to accept delivery, a note will be left by the courier regarding collection/re-delivery
– We cannot guarantee time of delivery but you will receive a tracking number for your order
– Please allow 2 weeks lead time for corporate gifts or personalised favours to avoide disappointment
– Please ensure you note delivery address, contact number and message for recipient clearly on order form.
– Allergy Advice: NUT – While the NuttyBomb and ChunkyMunky are our only nut products, we cannot guarantee all other products are free from nut traces.
~ Allergy Advice: EGGS – While our Munchie Bar, Chunky Bar and Melting Moments contain no egg, we cannot guarantee they are free from egg traces.
– Storage: There is no need to refrigerate your CakeBombs or Treats. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Each box will have a use by date.
РFor any questions or if you have a special request, please contact us at 01 6108946 or email us at  For any questions or if you have a special request, please contact us at 01 6108946 or email us at

Mash n Gravy – Supporting one of your own

Here at Mash n Gravy our aim is to offer a unique selection of hard to find, seriously good looking garments for babies and children aged 0-8.

We choose pieces that are contemporary yet timeless from labels renowned for their unrelenting quality and attention to detail. We focus on simplicity of design, bold graphics, colours which make us shout out loud or more subtle tones for those stylish special occasions which demand it.

Cool Brands For Kids Clothes

Some of our brands may be familiar to you and others may be entirely new. We have scoured the UK, Europe, New Zealand and beyond for the hip, funky, cool and classy collections because we believe that cool is universal.

Above all we value the opportunity to dress our children in comfortable and impossibly cool kids clothing. We hope that you enjoy looking around our store.

We are delighted to be the only online retailer of Villervalla in Ireland, a must see brand for that something a little fun!

Closing Down Sale

Gourmet Food Parlour – what the expert said

Gourmet Food Parlour, Dun Laoghaire.


01 2805670
‚ā¨ 0-60 (for two with wine)
Hours: Mon-Thurs 8:30am-5pm.
Fri 8:30am-LATE ‚Äď Open for TAPAS with live music.
Saturday 10am-5pm
Sunday 12-4pm
Serving brunch all day Saturday and Sunday.
Restaurant Review

The Gourmet Food Parlour is¬†just before the traffic lights at York Road, if you’re coming from Dublin. I’ve always looked at the traffic lights and not to my left, where you’ll find the Parlour.

I was there to meet Roisin O’Hea and Bairbre Power, and we got a table by the window. The position was nice, but it was surrounded by high chairs, which are not a favourite form of seating.

Later on, I noticed there were a couple of tables at normal height, but the majority of the seating is high.

It makes sense when you discover that the Parlour specialises in tapas, which are designed more for a quick snack than a long, lingering dinner.

What they have, which sets it apart from other tapas bars, is a combination offer, in which you pick a tapa as a starter and then choose a main course from a blackboard.

If you do this, you’ll pay ‚ā¨15 for the two dishes and you can have a bottle of house wine for ‚ā¨15.

We considered this offer, but, in the end, decided that since it specialised in tapas, the smart thing to do was order tapas.

There’s a suggestion on the menu that two or three tapas per person should be ample, and if we had been sensible we might have heeded that suggestion.

Instead, we simply ordered every dish that looked interesting, so that was 12.

If you should ever go here, take the advice on their menu and don’t do what we did. Even eating more than usual, some of the dishes went back to the kitchen unfinished. But it did give us a good sample of the menu.

The first three dishes to come to the table were chorizo cooked in red wine, warm fresh breads and dips, and deep-fried aubergine with Mahon cheese.

Good dips of pesto, hummus and sun-dried tomato plus decent bread made a good start, along with very tasty aubergine slices and properly cooked chorizo.

Next came a dish described as ‘surf ‘n’ turf’, which was black pudding, pan-fried scallops and crispy pancetta, along with a small sliced sirloin steak served with horseradish puree and samphire.

A tinned pot of sweet-potato chips with aioli arrived with them, and they were so tasty we ordered a second round.

The surf ‘n’ turf dish worked fairly well, and I’m getting used to finding black pudding in unusual pairings.

The steak was tender enough, but the horseradish puree and the samphire were delicious.

This might have been a good place to stop, but there was still a lot to come.

The next arrivals were marinated neck of lamb with a tzatziki dressing and crumbled feta, pork belly served with an apple compote, and meatballs in a tomato sauce.

The lamb had been slow-cooked and was very good; well-flavoured and very tender. The pork belly arrived as three small rectangles ‚Äď perfect as there were three of us.

I had the same reservation about the meatballs that I often have, which is I would have preferred a finer mince. I like my meatballs not to fall apart when I cut them.

And that too might have been a good place to stop, but even more arrived. Next came prawns pil pil and a large raviolo, covered in a pesto cream and Parmesan shavings.

I liked both of dishes, and they both ended up as empty plates.

Obviously, that would also have been a good place to stop, but we decided on desserts. We chose two cheesecakes ‚Äď a baked American cheesecake with a caramel topping and fruit compote, as well as the aptly named red velvet cheesecake. Both of these were well made, with a fine texture and a good taste.

Despite our many dishes, these got finished.

No wine is going to pair with all the different dishes we’d had, but we chose a¬†Pinot Gris¬†from Australia’s Wairau River, which had a pleasant crispness and was listed at ‚ā¨29.

Four glasses of the house red at ‚ā¨6 each and three large bottles of mineral water completed the drinks order. These and two espressos brought our bill to ‚ā¨154.



Reviewed by Paolo Tullio


photo2medSurf N Turf


continental-meat-platterContinental meat & olive platter


photo5medSelection of Tapas


paellaPaella with chicken and chorizo


antipasti-boardGFP Antipasti Board


photo3medPrawns Pil Pil


photo4medChicken skewers, pepper, aioli


photomedTapas & Wine


Meet the ladies at is Ireland’s first and only motoring website for women. Meet the Team and read great advice and articles on

Geraldine Herbert РA jury member for both Irish Car of the Year and the Women’s World Car of the Year, Geraldine has been a motoring journalist for over ten years. You can follow Geraldine on Twitter at @MotoringLifeMag

Suzanne Keane ‚Äď A confirmed petrol head with a penchant for VW‚Äôs, Suzanne has been taking apart (and sometimes putting back together) her own cars for years! You can follow Suzanne on Twitter at @djsuzek

Caroline Kidd ‚Äď Journalist Caroline is passionate about cars and cats (almost in equal measure!). Caroline has a tank full of words, and with her column for this website and a motoring page in the Slaney News, she finally has somewhere to put them! You can follow Caroline on Twitter at @caroline_kidd

Jennifer Mullan ‚Äď A native of Newcastle Co. Down, Jennifer joined the Formula Sheane Championship, earlier this year, with Sheane Cars and is the first woman to race in this super competitive championship. You can follow Jennifer on Twitter at @Jennifercmullan

Laura Keane – Equine science graduate, loves all animals, has two siamese cats, fish, a lizard and a snake. Also loves music, fashion, driving, cars and track days. If there is a dancefloor ‚Äď she’ll be on it!. You can follow Laura on Twitter at @optical_laura

Hannah Gordon РA mechanic with over 8 years Hannah’s love of cars began at a young age. Holidays and weekends were spent helping out at a family friend’s garage passing tools and making tea. You can follow Hannah on Twitter at @femalemechanic1

wheels_image-large-150x150 (2)

Geraldine Herbert talks about designing cars for women

If 75% of women, according to a recent survey, feel misunderstood by the car industry is it down to bad car design or something more, Geraldine Herbert asks.

One of Britain’s most powerful global motor industry figures believes that women are still being ignored by car designers despite the huge increase in their purchasing power.

According to Mr Palmer, the executive vice-president of Nissan, the issue is the lack of women involved in the engineering of cars and the design. There is a need to train more women engineers to design and create the ‚Äėfemale-friendly cars of the future. Astonishingly he suggests that if we reduced the number of hairdressing courses more women would be attracted to engineering?

He said: ‚ÄėWe need fewer hairdressing courses and more job creation based around those from a technology and mathematical background.!

While I share some of Mr Palmer’s sentiments he seems to be missing the point. I have met more than a few hairdressers in my time but I never met one whose second option was engineering, the old hairdressing or engineering dilemma doesn’t ring true.

Over half of the women surveyed globally were unhappy with their cars and almost 75% felt misunderstood by the car industry. According to Ford, who recently set up a Women’s Product Panel, engineers don’t appreciate how air conditioning affects a woman’s sandalled feet. Or that diamond rings can scratch the car door lacquer or how easy is it to get in the car when wearing a tight skirt?  Seriously who are these open toed high healed diamond wearing women that Ford are designing for?

While ergonomics of seats and the lack of storage space in cars is an issue, it is one that faces both males and females. A well designed car will work for any driver. The increase in adjustable seats and steering wheels goes far to addressing these problems.

Following the stereotypes is not the way to market cars to women. In the current economic climate a cheap to run and safe car is probably a requirement shared by both sexes. It is far more likely that stage of life is a more crucial factor when choosing a car.

The real issue is why 75% of women feel misunderstood by the car industry. The car industry is a very male dominated industry and one that does little to address women either through advertising or marketing efforts.

When was the last time you saw a women behind the wheel in a car advert? if you did you can guarantee it was a city car or an MPV featuring some stressed  mom dutifully carting her kids to school.

We need women in every area of motoring from the showrooms to the design studies. More women writing about cars, more women appearing in car adverts as the driver NOT the passenger, less women featured in car ads as adornment, and more women involved in car sales and mechanics.

According to Kia designer Peter Schreyer, who also designed the Audi TT, he has never designed a car for a women instead he designs cars that have an emotional appeal. He wants a car that resonates with people. ‚ÄúYou want to be in that car whether you‚Äôre a man or a woman‚ÄĚ.

For an industry that has largely ignored women for decades to now stress the need to accommodate our high heels and diamond rings seems at best lazy and at worst patronising.


Geraldine Herbert

20th June, 2013