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Welcome to Mums Little Helpers, fantastic companies here to help Mums in Business, get in touch they are always willing to help members of our site.


Promoting Mums in Business for Free Darrell Colgan Qualified Accountant and Degree in Business and Legal Studies. 10 years Banking Experience and Start Ups


Expert Human Resource Advice

B2E “The HR Company” specialises in customised HR support and advice to companies who wish to offload the burdens, the risks and the time involved in Human Resources to a professional provider. Why contact them ?
Since its inception, The HR Company (B2E Ltd) has grown steadily and now employs 20 full time HR Professionals who provide a range of services from Project Management to Employment Law, HR back office administration and HR consultancy to a number of key clients, i.e. large number of SME’s (small to medium size businesses) across all sectors. With a highly competent team with vast experience in Project Management and HR know-how; third level qualified The HR Company (B2E Ltd) have worked in a variety of key multi-national and the professional service sectors.
1.Peace of mind. No longer do you need to lie awake wondering what would happen if that difficult employee decided to become even more belligerent. Am I covered? Does the contract offer me enough protection? Are my procedures in order? From now on, they will be.

2.Be compliant. NERA (the National Employment Rights Authority) have the right to visit your premises at any time. If you’re not compliant, it can really hurt – up to two weeks salary per employee. Not to mention the headaches and stress generated by not being compliant. We’ll make you compliant without any pain.

3.More time to do the things you do that really bring value to your business. You’re in business because you know your sector. That’s where your value lies, not in the back office poring over contracts, employment legislation, and the 101 other things that drain away your valuable time. Bring B2E on board, and get back to doing what you do best.

4.HR at an affordable price. We realise cost is a huge issue for every business in Ireland today. We provide a low-cost solution – and yet you still get the very best advice and service. That’s why hundreds of small-medium businesses all around Ireland are choosing to use B2E as their HR professionals.

5.In time of crisis, we’re there. Letting people go? Worried about any possible repercussions? Worry no more: we’ll hold your hand through any employee-related crisis. It’s what we do. We’ll make sure that every move you make is the right one.


The experts in product development

o you have an idea for a new product but don’t know what to do next?

Have you been developing a new idea for the last two years and are still stuck?

Here at Thinktwice we help people to qualify their ideas fast and cost-effectively before spending too much time and too much money. In other words, is this just an interesting idea or a real opportunity? This is the most important question to answer at step one. Once identified we help you to research and develop that idea from concept to market.

In a nutshell, we help you identify ideas and qualify those ideas fast and cost-effectively before you risk too much time and money.

We help you research your idea and identify your ideal customer. Do people really want my new product idea? Who exactly are those people who want my product? One of the key elements of New Product Development is engaging with your audience before, during and after the development process. We teach you how to do this and we can do it with you. We will also advise you how to protect your product while you’re doing this?

We help you develop prototypes cost effectively at the right time. We help you source manufacturers, test market and find routes to market for your new product. We will advise on grants available for feasibility, innovation and business development.


The Nursery – your sleep expert

Bringing a wealth of knowledge and years of experience to help you in your child’s first special years with the confidence you need to overcome any hurdle, Niamh O’Reilly combines the practicality of Mary Poppins, the humour of Mrs Doubtfire and the magic of Nanny McPhee to bring you back from the brink of total sleep deprivation and the constant stress and worry from the daily toil of being a Mum or Dad.

Mairead-Kelly-253x300 (1)

Mairead Kelly expert

mum in business coach

Mairéad Kelly is a mum to three children, two now grown up and a younger daughter. She has over twenty years experience working for SMEs and multi-nationals. Mairéad has also got over 10 years experience building and running her own businesses.

She she built up her own successful team as a manager to one of the UK’s biggest party plan companies. She is also a qualified coach, both business and personal and an NLP trainer.

In 2011 Mairéad decided to merge these skills when she heard many of her old clients bemoan the fact that they could not get out to conventional trainings or early morning networking meetings due to family commitments. Nor could they attend evening events due to the same family commitments.
They had set up in business because they had a viable business idea and also wanted to be able to spend time with their small children, yet felt guilty that they weren’t growing their businesses properly and contributing to the family income, and/or they felt guilty that they weren’t spending quality time with their small children as they were constantly thinking about business issues when with them.
With the Cute Honey Lite© and Cute Honey Colony© programmes Mairéad solves that issue by coming to you.

You get the benefit of expert training and coaching from the comfort of your own home along with ten other business Mums. You also benefit from creating your own network circle and develop the support of other like-minded women who “get” where you are at, because they are there too.
As a work from home Mum, you get to buzz your business into a hive of productivity.

Fresh Start

Tara Moriarty Business Consultant

Business changes every day and as a new Entrepeneur it is hard to keep up and run your business at the same time. At Fresh Start , not only can we implement new business ideas and processes, but we can give you the tools to move your business forward.



Marketing & Ideation


Social Media

We are your Business Planners when you decide to take the leap into Self-Employment.It is a big step for anyone to take, no matter how experienced you are in your business area. We are here to guide you through every stage so you can focus on starting a Sustainable Business.


Susan Cosgrove provides expert legal advise more on

Cosgrove Gaynard Solicitors was established by Susan Cosgrove after over 10 years post qualification experience including headed up a department in a top 10 law firm in Dublin.

Cosgrove Gaynard Solicitors is a full services law firm covering the

following practice areas:

Business & Commercial Law

Employment Law

Litigation: Commercial Litigation & Personal Injuries Litigation

Property Law : Commercial Property, Residential Property, Landlord & tenant

Debt Collection

Probate, wills , trusts & estate planning

Family Law

Insolvency: Liquidations, Examinership, Restructuring.

Contact details:


Phone : 01 6139191



Aisling Griffin is a Graphic Design Expertise more on

Hello and welcome to treetop studio, an independent Graphic Design studio in Dublin.

We deliver creative solutions

through Graphic Design,

Web Design & Development,

Branding, Print Design,

Illustration and Advertising.
Treetop Studio was established by myself, Aisling Griffin in April 2012 out of a need to create a bespoke, independant, creative, customer focused graphic design agency. We deliver creative solutions though Graphic Design, Web Design & Development, Brand Identity, Print Design and Advertising. Treetop Studio produces innovative, forward thinking work with the client’s brief in mind throughout the entire process.

I am a Graphic Designer with almost 10 years industry experience under my belt. In 2009 I won first place at the IDEA awards in the ‘not for profit’ category for my work on the project ‘Reeling in the Pain’. I strive to create striking design pieces that are unique to the client but deliver a clear message also.

Loc People

The Loc People is supporting mums in business with helping them speak their customers language

s your business exporting or expanding abroad?

We can make your web presence, promotional materials and product manuals multilingual. We localize them with the same care you took when creating them, making sure they are just as effective in the target languages.

We work only with highly qualified and experienced linguists, localization engineers and project managers.

And we do all this at incredibly competitive rates. Contact us today for a FREE quotation to find out just how competitive.

Our mission is to provide a wide range of language services that will allow small businesses to reach new markets and give them a competitive edge by ensuring they communicate fluently on a global scale. Our vision is to provide no-nonsense, accurate and effective communication with the end-user which doesn’t compromise on the tone and vocabulary preferred by the client.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and dedication, as we closely monitor every step of the production process, manage projects efficiently and communicate effectively with our customers on a daily basis.

First impressions always last longest and a business’s credibility is seriously undermined if its promotional material is littered with inconsistencies, spelling errors, grammatical glitches and poor punctuation. It serves to project a less than professional image with the very people with whom a company wants to do business.

Susan Maxwell

I offer one to one Personal Development Training. I will give you the opportunity to open up new ways of thinking, work out where you are in your life and decide where you would like to be. We can structure the appointment around your own needs. Perhaps you just need a place where you feel understood. I am here to listen to you and I offer a very personal and confidential service.

I am a therapist with a difference as I also offer Career action training working with you to have a fulfilling and rewarding future assisting you to identify your goals and gain clarity. I offer CV & career advice with interview techniques combined. I will negotiate a very good reduction for clients not working presently or for those who may have taken early retirement and wish to return to the workforce again.

My rooms are located in Upper Drumcondra Road , Dublin 9 Appointment is normally 1 hour duration. I offer a non judgemental space where you are safe to discuss any issues .Times are flexible and confidentiality and your right to privacy are respected at all times. The initial appointment will give you the opportunity to meet with me and proceed if you are comfortable. If you want to make changes in your life on a personal level or maybe changes in your career why not call me or alternatively e mail with your query

Amanda McEvoy

Amanda McEvoy

Expertise: Marketing & PR, Public speaking, Personal Development.

Amanda has over 20 years career experience in marketing and PR, sales and business development.  She originally obtained a BA in Environmental Design from the College of Marketing and Design, Dublin. Amanda has since lived and worked extensively throughout Europe and has gained an invaluable knowledge of international sales and marketing.  A fluent Spanish and French speaker, she is passionate about communication and public speaking.  At Thinktwice Amanda helps individuals and SMEs through programmes on enterprise and people development.  Her broad experience and expertise is an important part of the innovation, creativity and people development process.  Amanda is a co-founder of Thinktwice.


Margaret Scott

Expertise: Finance, Bookkeeping, Accounting – Professional Writer, Published Author

Margaret Scott AITI ACCA has worked as an accountant in both practice and industry.  She trained in Tynan Dillon & Co, Naas and later in the Enterprise Development Services division of Price Waterhouse Coopers.  Having spent four years working in PWC she then returned to Kildare to work with Eilis J Quinlan & Co before taking a job as Financial Controller for a busy equine veterinary practice in Kildare, where she stayed for almost nine years.  Margaret has worked with a wide variety of clients from large corporates to smaller start ups.  At Thinktwice Margaret offers business support and training to small and medium sized enterprises.





Here To Help was started by Tania Mallett in 2012 as a direct response to the growing need within companies to outsource a lot of their administration, event planning and marketing requirements to virtual and freelance Personal Assistants.  More and more companies and businesses are recognising the economic value of outsourcing their administrative requirements to freelance Personal Assistants, as there are no overheads or agency fees and there is no need to pay sick leave, annual leave or maternity leave.

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